2020 COVID Safety Guidelines & Waiver

ENYTB is excited to host it’s 25th season of play. We thank our league members and families for enduring the delay. NYS gave us the clarity to confirm that we will be having a 2020 Summer Season that runs July 6th – August 16th.

Getting the kids back on the field is great news. However, we must all continue to exercise caution and care due to the risks of COVID-19. ENYTB is enforcing three new protocols for this season to address these matters:

1. All members must read and follow the ENYTB Health & Safety Guidelines During COVID-19

2. Every team will post additional rules specific to their field(s). Players and parents must read the field specific rules before showing up for a road game. These rules will be located on your official league schedule hosted on our website: My Team > Schedule.

3. ALL players and coaches are required to sign the ENYTB Waiver of Liability Release form. This document is hosted electronically and can be securely signed online. Players under the age of 18 must have their form signed by a parent/legal guardian. No player will be allowed to participate in any ENYTB activity this season until they have signed this release form.


If you know the email address and password for your player: Click Here To Sign Waiver

If you know the email address for your player, but forgot your password: Click Here To Retrieve Password

If you don’t know the email address for your player, contact your coach now and ask them what email address is listed for the player on the Team Roster on our website.

If that is still a valid email address, use the green button above to RETRIEVE PASSWORD

If that email address is no longer valid, have your coach immediately update your email address on the team roster. When that is complete, use the green button to RETRIEVE PASSWORD