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Overview/Summary Of ENYTB Spring/Summer Baseball Program For 2019!

posted by Administrator 02/15/2019 10:02:02

Of ENYTB Spring/Summer Baseball Program For 2019!

The cutoff dates for team registrations are as follows:

  • Ages 12U and under ==> MAR 15; and,

  • Ages 13u and over ==> APR 12.

Major Highlights include:



  3. PROFESSIONAL, FULL-TIME LEAGUE ADMINISTRATION via League Admins and ENYTB's great new website - enytb.com!

More detail is provided below.


A. EarlyBird Program - Ages 13U and 14U only. Weekend only exhibition play begins mid-April and ends the weekend before Memorial Day Weekend. Free program - simply choose it on your team order form.

B.Competitively Balanced Scheduling

(1) Teams In Each Age Level Are Ranked By Competition Level (from 1 to 9 with 9 = Highest GOLD);

(2) Each team selects a hard, easy or medium Strength-Of-Schedule (SoS) factor;

(3) (1) and (2) are used to determine a team's competitive range and all opponents come from within that range;

(4) Standings Are Adjusted For Strength-Of-Schedule Factor - Higher Ranked Opponents With High W/L Records Boost Your Team's Strength-Of-Schedule (SoS) Factor. Latter is as important as team's raw W/L record in determining team's ranking in standings.

C. Ample Diversity Of Opponents i.e., no need to play the same team over and over.

D. Schedule Customized To Team/Field Availability & Other Team Preferences

(1) Begin/End Season When You Want;

(2) Specify Dates & Time Ranges For Both Team Availability and Field Availability;

(3) Guaranteed Home Field Fills On Use/Lose Rentals;

(4) Methodology allows you to specify any kind of scheduling pattern and to vary as frequently as desired.

(5) MAX Game Limits let you pace your rate of play throughout the season;
(a) MAX limits for each Weekend;
(b) MAX limits for each mid-week; and,
(c) MAX limits for total season.

(6) Make your team available for night games played under the lights;

(7) Teams can block a limited number of dates for long distance travel;

II. ABUNDANT OPPORTUNITIES FOR POST-SEASON PLAY - A La Carte Post-Season Registration - Pay Only For What You Take.

A. Centralized Access To Three Sanctioned National Championship Tournament Series: AABC; PONY; and, NABF.

B. FREE Access to ENYTB MADNESS! tournaments at ages 9U-15U;

C. FREE Access to ENYTB SUPER 8! tournaments at ages 13U-18U;

D. Preferred Access to ENYTB Summer BLAST! tournaments at ages 13U-18U;

E. Preferred Access to ENYTB Last Man Standing tournaments at all ages and competition levels;

F. Preferred Access to ENYTB/ValleyCats FALL CLASSIC at Joe Bruno Stadium in mid-September.

All games played at the Joe! Players have full access to the full facilities. When players come to bat their picture is on the scoreboard and music that they selected will be played.

III. Professional League Management/Administration

(A) Constitution Confers Rights To Members and League Enforces Those Rights:

(1) Places limits on number of players other ENYTB teams can take from your roster;

(2) Territory (extra benefits for franchise members);

(3) Once started, clubs and teams have right to continue membership in league from one year-to-the-next; and,

(4) Protection Against Abuse/Harm By Other Members.

(B) Board Is Fair Referee In All Matters:

(1) Decision-making Bound By Constitution; and,

(2) Quick & Fair Resolution Of All Member Disputes.

(C) League Enforcement:

(1) Schedule Reliability; and,

(2) Limits on Player Losses To Other ENYTB Teams.

(D) State Of The Art Website Mirrors and Automates League Operations

(E) League Admins Are Available To Assist All Members via League HelpDesk.

(F) Year-Round Operation, Incl Fall Program.

(G) 24th Consecutive Year Of Operation (2019).

(H) Base Registration Fees: $475-$575 depending on team age and skill level. Includes at least one FREE tournament per team.
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