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ValleyCats Fall Classic @Joe Bruno Stadium - One Berth Still Available - Reduced Entry Fee ($500 All Inclusive) - OPEN To ENYTB & Non-ENYTB Teams

posted by Administrator 09/09/2019 03:09:35

ValleyCats Fall Classic @Joe Bruno Stadium

One Berth Still Available

If you are interested, shoot Ed Frye an email at pres@runmyleague.com or call 518-542-8498.

Full details below.

*All games are played at Joe Bruno Stadium.

The folks at the ValleyCats go all out to put on an absolutely great tournament for us every year.

.................Every time a player goes to the plate, his pic is on .................the scoreboard and his favorite song is played.

..................Players have full access to all Stadium facilities ..................for warming-up, etc.

*All games are announced.

*Free admission.

*Concessions are open.

It is truly a big-league experience.

DATES: Begins Tues. Sep 17 and ends Sunday the 22nd.

FORMAT: Double elimination format. Teams play on 2 weekday evenings (5:30pm or 8pm). On the weekend, teams may play as much as twice per day.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: Player must have HS eligibility for
2019-2020 academic year.

ENYTB Teams:

(1) Can include players from multiple ENYTB teams in same club and/or from other members' teams, including even those clubs participating in this tournament.

NOTE: To qualify as an ENYTB player, player must have played at least one ENYTB game prior to July 15.

(2) Non-ENYTB PLayers - limit of three (1) and one can be designated as eligible to pitch.

Non-ENYTB Teams:

(1) Limited to players who played at least one game for them during the summer season.

(2) May include up to three (3) ENYTB players who played for them or did not play for them during the summer season. One of the ENYTB players can be designated as eligible to pitch.

Reduced Entry Fee: $500 per team, all-inclusive.

NOTE: Teams must also buy 50 tix to ValleyCats game on ENYTB night at the Joe - Thursday, July 11 - (fireworks etc.) These tix are $10 each and include a reserved seat and $5 cash value at concession/gift stand.

Teams signed up for this year's edition are:

1 - ENYTB - Waterford Nationals
2 - ENYTB - DevilCats
3 - ENYTB - Frozen Ropes (2017 Champion)
4 - ENYTB - New York Storm
5 - ENYTB - Capital Renegades (2018 Champion)
6 - ENYTB - Saratoga Lightning
7 - ***Berth Still Available***
8 - ***Berth Still Available***

Thank you,
Ed Frye

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