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2019 - New ENYTB Website Is Here!

posted by Administrator 12/16/2018 09:12:44

New ENYTB Website Will Be Rolled Out In Early 2019

We will go live with launch of Phase I (everything we need till regular season play gets underway) the first week of Feb, just prior to our Feb 10 Kick-Off meeting. Phase II will be available by May 1.

So what is new about the new website?

1 - Smart Phone Compliant - You will be able to access the full website from any device, regardless of screen size;

2 - Transparent Navigation System - Includes a QuickLinks navigation bar for accessing key functionality as well as direct page links on the left sidebar on every page;

3 - Key Improvements In Content Presentation & Organization:

A - Image Slider at top of home page for presenting key information to members;

B - Separate message boards for articles re: news and rules/regulations;

C - The "Must Do" Page - All information items required to complete the registration process for clubs and teams are available on a single page. Each item also has a color-coded box denoting compliance status. And, with a single click, the user is transported to the underlying informational inputs associated with that registration item.

D - Improvements to numerous other pages as well e.g., the interface for entering home field availability inputs will explicitly identify the various steps in the process. In addition, numerous pages have been consolidated to a single page through the use of multiple filters.

E - Tournament Menu - Like the current website, this menu presents all the tournament options available via ENYTB, including those hosted by ENYTB but it does so in a much different way that should reduce or eliminate confusion about ENYTB's growing portfolio of hosted tournaments, including those OPEN to the public as well as those open to members only.

NOTE: Organizations that host local tournaments also can advertise their tournaments on this page by simply filling out an ad form. This service is provided free to ENYTB members. Non-members can avail themselves of this service as well but for a fee of $100 per tournament.

F - New Photo & Media Gallery will be launched prior to summer tournament season. You send us your photos, we upload them, tag them, and put them into albums. You can view albums and individual photos using custom search criteria e.g., year, club etc.

4 - Looks - Much improved page styling throughout.

The new website is a comprehensive redo of the current website in terms of looks, organization, navigation, ease-of-use, device compatibility etc. However, it relies on the same underlying methodologies and functionalities as existed in the previous version.

We are thrilled to be offering this great new product to our members in time for the 2019 spring/summer season. We will devote the 2nd half of our upcoming Kick-Off meeting to a demonstration of the new website.
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