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SUPER 8! Tournaments Expand To Include Up To 12 Teams Beginning 2019

posted by Administrator 06/27/2019 11:06:34

SUPER 8! Expands To Include Up To 12 Teams:
Teams Can Now Qualify For SUPER 8! Berths 3 Different Ways
Total Standings, Regional Standings and SUMMER BLAST! Tournaments

***SUPER 8! Tournament Berths***

The new qualifying structure for 12 seeded SUPER 8! berths is described below:

Last year we expanded the number of berths in this tournament from 8 to 10. This year there will be 12 available berths. These berths shall be awarded as follows:

1 - Seeds 1 - 4

Shall go to the four teams with the best overall records in their age division. These teams shall receive a first round bye.

2 - Seeds 5 - 8

Shall go to the four regional champions.

3 - Seeds 9 - 12

Shall go to the four highest finishing ENYTB teams in the SUMMER BLAST! tournaments.

NOTE: Should a team qualify for multiple berths, they shall be awarded the highest seed they qualify for. Any unfilled seeds shall be awarded to the teams with the next highest overall SOS-adjusted age divisional records, provided that team has an SOS-adjusted record of 0.200 or greater.
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