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posted by Administrator 02/20/2019 09:02:57

ENYTB has significantly expanded its program offerings in the last several years and expenses have increased accordingly. The main reasons for these cost increases are listed next:

• ENYTB sponsored tournaments have doubled in the last several years, increasing from 15 to 31. Entries will exceed 300 teams in 2019.

• ENYTB will incur almost $50,000 in tournament related expenses in 2019, covering trophies, awards, baseballs and field rentals, including Joe Bruno Stadium and other high quality venues.

• ENYTB donated $10,000 to the Parkhurst Field Foundation – future home of ENYTB’s Last Man Standing tournaments at ages 9U-12U.

• ENYTB also introduced a new partnership program with ENYTB members in 2019 to permanently host three major ENYTB tournaments each season: Summer BLAST!; SUPER 8!; and, Last Man Standing.

NOTE: To be recognized as a premium host partner the member must possess premium quality, centrally located fields. Preferably, at least one of the fields is lighted. Each premier partner receives approximately $1,200 in cash incentives to be a primary host for these three tournaments. All other Primary hosts shall receive a free tournament entry for each tournament hosted.

• ENYTB relies on independent contractors for the development and maintenance of enytb.com as well as general administrative assistance. These expenditures will total approximately $50,000 in 2019 and will benefit the league in 2019 and beyond by providing it with a modern infrastructure that mirrors league operations as well as a new generation of leadership trained in the use of that infrastructure.

To maintain minimal compensation for the League Director (not included in the number above) while covering the significant additional costs enumerated above, ENYTB fees have been increased by $50/team or approximately 10% in 2019. Unless the league program expands in some significant way, we believe this fee increase will provide the league with sufficient revenues for the foreseeable future i.e., next several years at least. The investments needed to secure the future of the league have been included in this budget projection.
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