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MEMBER MEETING #2 - Including Handout

posted by Administrator 02/22/2019 07:02:11

ENYTB is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. This year for example, we have "re-imagined" the website with the sole focus on enhancing the "user experience". We also have added new tournaments and expanded others. And lastly, we have expanded our partnerships with other entities in the local sports world to add even more value for our membership. The handout linked next quickly summarizes much of what's new in ENYTB in 2019 and provides an excellecnt backround for our upcoming meeting. That meeting will be held this Sunday, FEB 24 at 1PM (Waterford-Halfmoon HS). It will focus on the process of actually using the new website to complete the league's various informational requirements.
The ENYTB program consists of a large number of highly diverse and customized services. Over the years, as the size and diversity of the program grew, its information needs grew right along with it. Similarly, as the sophistication of our underlying methodologies increased, the information needed to drive those highly detailed methodologies grew as well. And these increased information needs run in both directions: as the program becomes larger and more diverse, you need more information from us to know what services are available to your team, the attributes and characteristics of those services, and how to avail yourself of them. Not to mention, once the season is underway, you have the ability to monitor all results from the field of play as they come in.

So one of the great challenges facing the league ever since our humble beginnings and ever moreso since, has been to collect the detailed information necessary to support the program and services that we provide w/o overwhelming you with its information requirements. (We are not interested in creating a situation where the operation was a success but the patient died.) We recognize that your time is valuable and that you are here to play baseball, not feed data into the computer.

The solution to the problem is to build numerous "user interfaces," including some that provide detailed information describing the various ENYTB program components and some that collect the information from you that we need. These interfaces must be:

  1. 1 - easy to find;
  2. 2 - easy to use; and,
  3. 3 - they must function smoothly i.e., operate w/o a hitch.

Far easier said than done.

So we stripped the old website down to its studs and remodeled it from ceiling to floor. We are cautiously optimistic that our rebuild achieved our goal i.e., the new website enhances and simplifies the user experience by orders of magnitude. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding.

The other day a member visited me at my home, also known as the League Office, to fill out his team order forms, make a few roster moves, input his field time and his team availability. He has two teams and one home field. The entire process took us less than 30 minutes.

So if you wish to see a demonstration of how the new website enables you do all these things and more in an easy and quick manner, this is your golden opportunity:

  1. 1 - Easily and quickly obtain all the important league information that you will need to derive the maximum benefit from your league participation; and,
  2. 2 - Easily and quickly provide the league with all of the information we need from you to register your team, make your pre-season and postseason eligibility choices, build your team schedule, build your team roster, and monitor schedule reliability of the entire league,
  3. 3 - Easily and quickly post your own ads on enytb.com, including player wanted ads as well as ads for tournaments that you are sponsoring.

See ya Sunday.
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