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ENYTB Fall League - Quick Facts & Registration Process

posted by Administrator 08/02/2020 11:08:03


1 - ENYTB's Fall League is almost as popular as its spring/summer program, drawing more than 150 teams for the last several years running.


You don't have to be a spring/summer member to be a fall member.


Players are free to play for any team they wish in the fall i.e., ENYTB player rights extend to the spring/summer season only.


A player's age for fall ball is equal to his spring/summer baseball age for next year i.e., his baseball age for the summer just ended plus one;


It is more common for fall teams to have players that span three or more ages e.g., a 14F+ team might include mostly 14 yo players as well as several 13 yo and 15yo players.


(A) Proof of team insurance for teams that were not ENYTB members in the spring/summer season;

(B) Proof of DOB for any first-time ENYTB players.

That's it!


ENYTB releases its Fall schedule in two parts:

Part A covers the first two weekends of the season i.e., the first two weekends following Labor Day; and,

Part B includes the rest of your entire schedule.


All Ages - $325 per team

Security Deposit - New Members Only - $225 per club (not team).

The latter is fully refundable if your team(s) does not forfeit any scheduled games and keeps its online schedule current within 7 days of the scheduled date of each game. For Spring/Summer members, security deposit automatically carries over to fall season.


To register, call Andy (518) 545-0747 or Ed (518) 542-8498 between AUG 15 and AUG 20 thru SEP 3. They will set up your club, home field, and teams on the website and help you enter your scheduling inputs, etc.

NOTE: Fall teams are entirely separate from your spring/summer teams on the website i.e., summer teams don't switch to Fall team(s). People info remains in the database from season to season so summer coaches and players can be easily linked to fall teams w/o having to re-enter info. Everyone linked to a fall team, including players and coaches, will be provided personal logins/passwords for website access. All coaches also will be added to the league's active email list.


ENYTB schedules its fall teams using the same detailed and powerful scheduling methodology as for Spring/Summer teams.

Whenever possible, your schedule will be limited to opponents that fall within your team's competitive range as defined by you.

How this works:

A - Teams register according to age and level of competitiveness e.g., Gold, High Silver, Low Silver or REC.

B - They also identify where they think they fall within their competitive level i.e., high end, middle, or low.

C - The system uses A and B to determine a team's "competitive range".

D - Teams also select the the strength of schedule (SoS) they desire, given their competitive range.

i - A normal SoS would include teams from the low end to high end of your team's competitive range, with a greater concentration of teams in the middle.

ii - A hard SoS would eliminate the teams at the lower end and focus more on the teams in the middle and at the higher end.

iii - An easy SoS would eliminate the teams at the higher end and focus more on the teams in the middle and at the lower end.

NOTE: Your team's scheduling request is entered online.


You begin by telling us when you want your season to start and end and how many games you wish to play overall.

NOTE: Play usually begins the first weekend after Labor Day and usually ends by mid to late OCT.

Play is predominantly weekend only but some Friday night play is possible with teams that have lighted home fields (so make yourself available for Friday nights if you are interested in night play even if you don't have a lighted field as you can be the away team).

TEAM AVAILABILITY CALENDAR- Days and times your team is available to be scheduled for play.

NOTE: The more your team is available, the more likely it is to have scheduling matches with teams from within its competitive range and local area.

FIELD AVAILABILITY CALENDAR - Dates and times your home field is available for scheduling your home games in this league.

NOTE: Field availability is entered to the website by the club GM. All other scheduling info is usually provided by the team manager but can be provided by the club GM as well.

NOTE: The website has video tutorials for using both the team and field availability interfaces. League ADMINs can help guide you through these processes as well.

Team Availability

(a) You specify the ideal number of games you want to play each week. Can vary from week to week.

(b) Three game types are available to choose from on a given day:

i a single game of standard length

ii a 9 inning game (very popular in fall ball with shortened hours of possible play (teams can get in and out in about 3 hours as opposed to 5 hours or more for a DH).

iii a doubleheader.

So, depending on your scheduling inputs above, your team can be scheduled to play any way it wishes including any of the following:

Saturday only;
Sunday only;
Saturday or Sunday but not both;
Both Saturday and Sunday;
Mondays (Holidays);
Any of several game types e.g., SG, SG9 or DH on each particular date.

(c) You specify the total number of games you would like to play each weekend.

(d) Conditional block-outs are available - i.e., if Friday, no Saturday, if Sunday, no Monday etc.; and,

(e) You can make your team available every day but once your game total for that period is reached, all remaining dates in that period will automatically black-out e.g., my team is available each day FRI thru MON, however, once 2 games are scheduled, block out all remaining dates that weekend. Thus, if you made yourself available to play on FRI, SAT, SUN, MON with a DH on SAT or SUN and you were scheduled to play a DH on SAT, all other days would automatically become not available for additional scheduling.

So get in on the fun this Fall and join the area's premiere Fall Baseball League - ENYTB!
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