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HOW Fall Scheduling Works

posted by Administrator 08/03/2019 11:08:42

HOW Fall Scheduling Works:

1 - ENYTB shall provide ALL teams with a fully customized schedule.

2 - To the extent possible, ENYTB shall also provide ALL teams with a competitively balanced schedule i.e., limited to opponents from its 'competitive range' only.

3 - Each team's schedule shall be available online and released in two parts:

Part A = games scheduled for weeks 1-2; and,
Part B = complete schedule for entire season.

NOTE: Part A will be released mid-week before week 1. Part B will be released one week later.

4 - Scheduling inputs:

A - Club GM shall enter home field time for his teams to the website by AUG 30; and,
B - Team manager (or club GM) shall enter all other scheduling preferences to the website by AUG 30.

5 - All games must be completed:

Teams that forfeit games will be fined and if necessary, removed from the league. ENYTB values schedule reliability above all else.

EXCEPTION: Games lost due to bad weather do NOT have to be made-up but can be if so desired by both teams.

6 - ENYTB is a travel baseball program so teams should expect to travel when committing to participate in the league.

ENYTB shall make every effort possible to minimize travel distances when preparing the league schedule. But every team should expect at least one long distance trip of 60 to 100 miles.

With 25 years experience in custom scheduling and a proprietary methodology second to none, ENYTB is a master at creating high quality customized schedules but you must do your part as well i.e., make your home field and teams available as much as possible and enter your scheduling info to the website by AUG 30.

That's it!
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