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Need Your Help At 13U-16U To Save The Fall Classic At the JOE - *5/20 Update*

posted by Administrator 03/12/2020 11:03:09

Good news! We are up to 10 registrations for the 2020 Fall Classic. The competition pool looks highly competitive. Any one still interested should notify ENYTB. We will hold a waiting list. Teams on the waiting list will get first chance if any team backs out. Or, we may expand to 12 teams.

Reminder - this year's payment policy has changed:

The fee is now $975 (includes umps and baseballs). No ticket purchase required. In a normal year, the fee is $725 plus the purchase of 50 tickets @ $10 each to ENYTB's Night at the Joe for ValleyCats game. Each ticket has $5 value at concessions. Due to the ongoing health issues, 2020 only will be a straight cash transaction, no tickets.

Entry fee is due by July 15th. If the event is canceled, all teams will receive a 100% cash refund.

Thanks for all those who signed up. It should be some great talent on display.

Original Message: 3/21/2020

To All Teams 13U-16U:

In my opinion, ENYTB's greatest tradition is its Fall Classic tournament event. This tournament is held mid-September and is fully hosted by the Tri-City ValleyCats on the ValleyCats home field at the JOE. This tournament has been not only the highlight of the ENYTB season for the last decade but it offers an incredible value - all-inclusive double elimination format on the best ball park in the area (the JOE) - all for $725 per entry.

We have a chicken and egg problem. Even though this is a fall tournament, it has to be reserved and paid for by the league right now. Our contract with the ValleyCats to host this tournament calls for full payment ($15,000) by April 1 each year.

An early review of our tournament sign-up page shows that as of this morning, not a single team has signed up for our Fall Classic. So, before I write that $15,000 check, I will need to know that we have teams registering for that tournament.

I realize some teams just haven't gotten around to doing their team order form yet (checking off the tournament boxes) but I see many other teams have already done so and none of them have selected the Fall Classic.

Let me describe a few key characteristics of this tournament that you may not be aware of.

JOE TEAMS - All ENYTB clubs can register a "JOE" team. Just go to the team order form for any of your teams between the ages of 13 and 16 and select the JOE tournament. We have space for up to 12 teams this year. If we don't fill all 12 berths, clubs will be allowed to register a 2nd team as long as berths are available.


1 - For this tournament, clubs may roster any age-eligible ENYTB player from its club, regardless of which summer team the player played for.

2 - Moreover, for this tournament, clubs are also free to supplement their club rosters with players who played for other ENYTB clubs (with player's permission).

EXAMPLE - a 13U or 14U or 15U or 16U team can add any number of ENYTB players of 16 years of age or younger.

3 - Any 17 years old players that played as over-aged players on a team owned by your club are also eligible;

EXAMPLE - a 13U or 14U or 15U or 16U team can add any number of 17 year olds as well provided they were rostered as over-aged players on a 16U team owned by its club.


1 - VCFC has an all-inclusive (umps included) entry fee of $725 per team;

2 - Each reghistered team is also required to purchase a minimum of 50 tickets, $10 each, to our ENYTB Night-At-The-JOE (Staten Island Yankees/Fireworks, etc.). Ticket price includes admission (a grandstand seat) plus a $5 cash voucher for food or gifts;


1 Players get full use of all stadium facilities (same as ValleyCat players) throughout tournament ($20,000,000 professional stadium); and,

2 - Every time any player comes up to bat their head shot will appear on the ValleyCat Jumbotron along with the player's position, team name, team logo favorite MLB player, and that player's favorite song will be played on the PA system.

For your players and their families, this is truly a once in a lifetime memorable experience.

3 - ENYTB professional sports photographer Kim Farrand will also be there taking pictures of each team for the ENYTB website. She is available for private hire as well.

So, before I cancel our reservation with the ValleyCats for this incredible event, I'm asking everyone who has an interest in participating in this tournament this year to go to their team order form ASAP and select the JOE tournament. We have up to 12 berths available. If we have at least 8 teams sign up by April 1, I will write the check and you will have saved this great tournament and ENYTB tradition. Plus your players and their families will thank you mightily.

One more benefit, any club/team that registers for this tournament this year is guaranteed a berth next year, the year after that, etc. In other words, your entry remains grandfathered until you let it lapse. That has been our tradition with this tournament since year 1. It's a great event for your players to took forward to year after year and useful when trying to interest players (new or existing) in joining your program.

Thanks for reading,
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