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ENYTB 13U & Older Travel Season Update

posted by Administrator 03/24/2020 03:03:29

Members –

We are writing to give you an update on our plans for the 2020 ENYTB Travel Season. The league remains optimistic that baseball will resume before our regular season begins on May 26, 2020. We will continue to plan for a full season. However, we are adopting a few changes that should benefit all:

> Scheduling/Extended Play Option

• Team & Field Availability deadline has been extended from April 15th to April 22nd
• This year, teams are welcome to provide play dates as far out as August 16th. (Typically, we collect dates that end by July 31st.)
• Nobody is obligated to play in August. We will only use the August data if we lose multiple weeks in June. For those interested in the potential for August play, having the data in-house will allow us to respond quickly if the summer season is delayed.
• Scheduling will begin April 23rd and the schedule will be released during the first week of May.

> Early Bird/Pre-Season Play

At this point, we will still offer this, free of charge, for the weekends of 5/3, 5/10, and 5/17. A final determination will be made on April 22nd on whether this is viable given health conditions.

> Staggered Payment Schedule

We are conscious of potential financial challenges that are compounding the uncertainty we are already dealing with. This affects the league, clubs, families, and players alike. We are amending our payment structure and deadlines for 2020:

• APRIL 22nd - Regular season registration down payment: $300 per team;
• MAY 22nd - Regular season registration final payment: $275 per team; and,
• JUNE 22nd - Tournament registration fees for Summer Blast, Super 8, ENYTB Madness, and Last Man Standing are all due.

We believe that by both delaying and spacing these payments out it will:
• Reduce the burden on family budgets.
• At each benchmark, we will have improved visibility into the outlook and shape of the season.
• Allow the league to continue to absorb the fixed costs associated with operating a league of this size and hosting multiple tournaments.

> Refund/Credit Policy for 2020

In the unlikely event that entire baseball season is cancelled we will make all teams whole as follows:

• The $300 down payment will be converted into a credit that can be used for the 2020 Fall or 2021 Summer season.
• All other payments will be fully refunded in cash.

If the season is significantly delayed and the team does not participate in August play:

• Teams will be given ENYTB’s traditional regular season “limited play” discount and only pay the $300 (from their regular season registration down payment). In this case, the final regular season registration payment ($275) will be waived/refunded.
• Any fees paid for tournaments cancelled as a result of the delay would be fully refunded in cash.

Thank you all for your participation in the 2020 ENYTB season. The league is committed to being responsive and creative to do everything in our power to deliver you the best season possible. Trying to predict weeks into the future is a challenging task right now. We will make decisions when the time is right and using the information on hand at that time.

ENYTB has grown for 25 years through hard work, flexibility, and strong partnerships with our members. This year will be unique like none other. Trust that every member will be taken care of fairly. Respect that fixed costs and a lot of manpower go into operating a league of this size. Be confident that we will do everything in our power to deliver you the best baseball season possible in 2020.

Best of health to everyone. We hope to see you all on a baseball diamond soon enough.

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