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UPDATED 6/13: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on 2020 Season

posted by Administrator 06/13/2020 08:06:28

To All Members -

We anticipate the season will begin on July 6th

Where ENYTB Stands Right Now:

1. All ENYTB games remain suspended through July 5th, 2020.

2. ENYTB operations will continue to follow the Capital Region guidelines in the NYS Reopening Plan.

3. 9U - 12U Schedules are final and posted on the website. Login > My Team > Schedule.

4. 13U - 15U Rec Division is final.

5. 13U - 19U Travel teams are final.

6. The summer season remains targeted for: July 6 - August 16.

7. Super 8, Madness, and Last Man Standing have all been pushed to later dates. All information is updated on the Tournaments section of the website.

8. Remaining balances for league fees will be due in the month of June. Look for an official announcement soon.

9. A separate news article will be posted with our COVID-19 Safety Plan, Release of Liability (required to be signed), and directions for uploading safety rules specific to your field.

Keep an eye out for further updates.


Previous update (4/21/2020)

The current health situation and the NYS on PAUSE guidelines have already impacted the baseball season for many of us. ENYTB fully recognizes that this has the potential to affect our summer schedule, as well. Members have inquired to ask if (and why) we are continuing to schedule a 2020 season in the current climate. Our answer is as follows:

We remain hopeful that the news will turn positive in the coming weeks. If/when that time comes, we will be prepared. It takes a lot of time and work on our end to launch a season. The only way to keep a 2020 season viable is to plan now and adjust later. At this point, we are only asking teams to provide data and a small down payment on the season so we can deliver the opportunity to play baseball if/when we get the green light.

ENYTB has multiple contingency plans in place that will allow us to shift the schedule and deliver both a regular season and tournament schedule to our members. If needed, we are prepared to extend the season, flex tournament dates, and provide scheduling in phases. Members will be allowed to increase their time available and games requested in the later phases. This will maximize the amount of games each team plays regardless of the regular season length. It will also allow teams to adjust their availability if other commitments get cancelled or dates change (i.e. non-league tournaments).

Different clubs/teams may take different approaches. If a club or team chooses to sit out the 2020 season, PLEASE NOTIFY US VIA EMAIL/HELPDESK IMMEDIATELY so that we don’t include them in our scheduling process. Such teams will owe nothing for the 2020 summer season. They will also maintain their existing status within the league, including player rights, in 2021.

Importantly, If the worst-case scenario occurs and there is no summer baseball in 2020, all clubs/teams will be made financially whole for all fees paid. See below for the policies for each age division.

9U – 12U Travel teams:

Regular season games remain suspended through May 17th, 2020. If this extends any further, we will be contacting you regarding postponing of the Madness! Tournament, re-opening of Team Availability and the option for adding more games to your schedule for June 19th and beyond. Teams that choose not to add more games to their schedule will be eligible for the previously announced credit/refund policy (see below).

13U & Up Travel teams:

There will be no Early Bird pre-season play.

We are moving forward with scheduling for the regular season. To deal with the uncertainty, we have built some flexibility into the scheduling process. This flexibility also allows members to adjust their scheduling requests (due to the cancellation of out-of-town tournaments, etc.) throughout the season as follows:

• PHASE I - May 26 thru June 30; schedule to be released no later than May 12.

• PHASE II - July 1 – July 26th; schedule to be released no later than June 16.
*Changes to PHASE II scheduling request must be submitted by June 1st.*

• PHASE III - July 27 thru August 16th; schedule to be released no later than July 13th.
*Changes to PHASE III scheduling requests must be submitted by July 1st.*

IMPORTANT: Thus, all teams that remain interested in being included in the 2020 PHASE I scheduling process must complete their Team Availability call and submit a payment of $300 by April 22nd.

As previously announced, we have amended our payment deadlines for this year and have also announced our credit/refund policy (see below).

13-15U Rec teams

We will have a season for any clubs that are willing and able to play into the summer. Our original plan was to end the Rec division at the end of the school year. Now, we are expecting to play into late July/early August. No fees are due at this time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging year. We will work to overcome any logistical obstacles within reason. If the health risks are deemed too serious, cancelling the season is an option. But that decision would only be made after we’ve exhausted all options for complying with health regulations and playing baseball.

- Ed/Andy

For Reference:

Staggered Payment Schedule

We are conscious of potential financial challenges that are compounding the uncertainty we are already dealing with. This affects the league, clubs, families, and players alike. We are amending our payment structure and deadlines for 2020:
• APRIL 22nd - Regular season registration down payment: $300 per team;
• MAY 22nd - Regular season registration final payment: $275 per team; and,
• JUNE 22nd - Tournament registration fees for Summer Blast, Super 8, ENYTB Madness, and Last Man Standing are all due.
• JULY 22nd - Tournament registration fees for the ValleyCats Fall Classic at the JOE are due.

We believe that by both delaying and spacing these payments out it will:
• Reduce the burden on family budgets.
• At each benchmark, we will have improved visibility into the outlook and shape of the season.
• Allow the league to continue to absorb the fixed costs associated with operating a league of this size and hosting multiple tournaments.

2020 Refund/Credit Policy for 9U – 12U Travel Divisions

If the entire season is cancelled:

Regular season registration fees - All clubs will receive a 50% refund and a 50% credit, per team, to be applied to the Fall 2020 season or Summer 2021 season.
Tournament fees – All teams will receive a 100% refund on tournament entry fees.

If the beginning of the season is significantly delayed:

Teams will be given ENYTB’s traditional “limited play” pricing discount
- $225 refund for 9U/10U
- $250 refund for 11U/12U
Teams will qualify for this if they meet BOTH conditions:
- League cancellations leave them with less than 12 games on their schedule, AND
- League cancellations leave them with less than 50% of their originally scheduled games

2020 Refund/Credit Policy for 13U & Older

In the unlikely event that entire baseball season is cancelled we will make all teams whole as follows:

The $300 down payment will be converted into a credit that can be used for the 2020 Fall or 2021 Summer season.
All other payments will be fully refunded in cash.

If the season is significantly truncated:

Teams will be given ENYTB’s traditional regular season “limited play” discount and only pay the $300 (from their regular season registration down payment). In this case, the final regular season registration payment ($275) will be waived/refunded. To qualify for this, a team will have league cancellations leaving them with 8 games or less and a duration of play of less than 30 days.

Any fees paid for tournaments cancelled as a result of the delay would be fully refunded in cash.
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