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ENYTB Status Update (June 4) Plus ENYTB Rules re: Use Of Temporary Players (For 2020 Only)

posted by Administrator 06/04/2020 02:06:49

All ENYTB play is suspended through June 30.

The good news, however, is that there is considerable momentum building toward an early July opening of youth baseball. More on that later this month.

Current State Of Affairs Within ENYTB:

1 - ENYTB has rescheduled its post-season play as follows:

A - Madness for 9U-12U will be played the last weekend of July;
B - S8/Madness for the older teams Aug 6-9; and,
C - LMS for all ages, Aug 13-16.

NOTE: Summer Blast has been canceled altogether for 2020.

2 - ENYTB has acquired all baseballs, trophies and awards for the above tournaments.

3 - ENYTB is in the process of rescheduling all play at ages 9U-12U:

Release Date: On or about June 8.

4 - ENYTB will schedule Phase II (July/August) for ages 13U & Older next week:

Release Date: On or about June 15.

5 - ***NEW (2020 Only)*** - Temporary Players

It is expected that most teams will be playing with smaller than normal sized rosters due to COVID19 anxieties. So, to minimize the likelihood of game cancellations due to this factor, ENYTB is introducing a new concept - Temporary Players.

ALL ENYTB teams, regardless of age or power level, will be allowed to "borrow" players from other ENYTB teams, w/o limit, on a game-by-game basis, in order to field a complete team for regular season play purposes.

NOTE: The player can come from other teams owned by the same club or from teams owned by other ENYTB clubs. (In the event of schedule conflicts, a player is obligated to play for his permanent team(s) i.e., teams that he is officially rostered on, unless excused by his club GM or team manager.)

Sub-Note: Non-ENYTB players are UFA and therefore must be added to a team's roster in the usual fashion.

NOTE: The limitations on the use of players under ENYTB's secondary rules, including 2020 revisions, will not apply to temporary players.

“Over-aged” players (one year older than team age) are eligible to be temporary players provided the total number used in any given game does not exceed five. (Next year the allowable maximum number of over-aged players on a roster will go back to four.)

NOTE: Teams will NOT be permitted to use temporary players in ENYTB members only tournaments e.g., MADNESS and SUPER 8. So if player is not on the team's regular season roster he can not play in any ENYTB members only tournament.

NOTE: LMS is an OPEN tournament so roster rules for that tournament already allow teams to add a limited number of off-roster players, including non-ENYTB players.

Summary Of 2020 Rules re: Temporary Players

A - Permitted in regular season play only; and,

B - Player must be a registered ENYTB player for 2019 or 2020.

PROCEDURE - Teams should NOT add temporary players to their online ENYTB roster. Instead, teams are required to inform each opponent of the name, age and jersey number of every temporary player they wish to use prior to the start of the game.

The spirit of this rule is to help ensure that teams have a sufficient number of players to play their schedule, not to stack a team to win games. If it is reported that teams are abusing this rule by loading up with stud pitching then the rule will be amended to prevent temporary players from pitching.

Shoutout to Mike Lynch, Guilderland Travel Baseball President, for making this suggestion.
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