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10 Important Reminders for the Start of Fall Ball

posted by Administrator 09/11/2020 06:09:12

Most teams kickoff their fall ball seasons this weekend. Make sure you are managing your team/club responsibilities to kick your season off smooth:

1. Communicate with your opponent to make sure you know where and when you are playing. Also to ensure both teams can field a healthy team. If a team cancels a game, it needs to be recorded as a forfeit on the league schedule and will be subject to a fine.

2. Make sure your umpires are ordered if you are the home team.

3. All players and coaches must be on your roster and have signed the COVID waiver (link is on banner at top of ENYTB.com home page). You can check your team and your opponents teams compliance by clicking on the team name on the schedule. Every person needs a green check next to their name.

4. Anyone who has not signed the COVID waiver by September 15th, 2020 will not be eligible to play in a ENYTB game. Anyone having difficulty should utilize the HelpDesk on ENYTB.com.

5. ENYTB playing rules can be found on the website: Inside The League > Playing Rules. Fall ball has a small number of exceptions that are described in news articles posted on the front page of ENYTB.com. On top of playing rules, remember that managers are responsible for the behavior of your team and your spectators.

6. Weeknight games. There are a some weeknight games scheduled this season. Talk to your opponent and consider a small time shift in the start time of the game if travel time/traffic is an issue. (If the field schedule is flexible)

7. Minor Schedule Changes. Most small changes to a game can be made on your official league schedule on the ENYTB website. There are icons for each game that allow you to change start time, change the field, change the number of innings. Manage this process yourself. (NOTE: EVERY CHANGE SHOULD BE CLEARED AND CONFIRMED WITH YOUR OPPONENT FIRST.)

8. Major Schedule Changes. If you are changing the day of a game: use the orange button at the top of your schedule. Click "Add New Game". Create a new game for the new playing date. Contact the league via the HelpDesk notifying the change. The original game will be canceled without penalty if a replacement game has already been added to your schedule.

9. Registrations Fees and Insurance documentation are due. Send in immediately if you have not already. Insurance can be emailed to: andy@enytb.com and pres@runmyleague.com. Payment can be by check, payable to ENYTB and mailed to 5227 Bridle Pathway, Schenectady NY 12303.

10. Utilize the red "Must Do" button on the website to check on your progress towards compliance with all league administrative requirements.

Next up...

Full schedules will be finalized and published by September 15th. Please keep any communication with the league to essential items only while we are scheduling.

The ValleyCats Fall Classic at Joe Bruno Stadium kicked off last night with a 4-2 extra inning game and a 3-2 game. This tournament will continue until September 21st with many of the best 16U teams from ENYTB's summer season.
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