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Players Changing Clubs in ENYTB

posted by Administrator 03/17/2022 08:03:12

ENYTB and its member clubs adhere to a policy regarding player movement.

1 – Every ENYTB player is free to change teams once per season if he/she wishes, assuming there is a team that wants them and is willing/able to use one of its player “credits” to acquire that player. (Team changes must happen before the season starts; March 1 for 9U - 12U. April 1 for 13U and older). This means that the player's new team must add the player to its roster BEFORE those dates.

2 - Each team is granted base credits each year to acquire a limited number of players from other ENYTB members. Most teams get 2 per year, but it can vary based on certain factors.

3 – Any team that loses a player to another ENYTB member, receives a compensatory credit from the acquiring team, enabling the team losing the player to acquire another league player to replace the player it lost.

4 – Together, these credits act to limit the number of players any team can add in a given year from the rosters of other league teams.

So, under this policy, every ENYTB player is free to join any team he desires, provided that team has a credit in its account for making such a transaction. The league regulates its member teams, not the players.

The credit system prevents teams from taking an unlimited number of players from other teams registered with this league. This rule is for the good of the league as well as its teams and is player neutral. All ENYTB members agree to abide by this rule as a condition of ENYTB membership. Violators are banned from league membership. Very few teams use all their credits in a given year.

ENYTB recommends that no club ever grants a "cut" to a player it prefers to keep on their team. That way, all player movement should occur within the confines of the Credit system. When you cut a player your team is no longer entitled to a compensatory credit should that player sign with another member team.

Requests by parents/players to be cut (as opposed to deactivated) should be denied unless you are not offering the player a roster spot in the coming season. To do otherwise would allow hat parent/player to circumvent the league's player movement policy to the detriment of all members. Instead, clubs/teams should deactivate any player on its roster that has informed you they are not returning.

NOTE: A deactivated player can be added to another team's roster regardless of the date. The date limits referenced above apply to active players only.

5 - The only players who can have a status of "unrestricted" are those who:

A - have never played in ENYTB
B - have not played in ENYTB for the previous 2 summer seasons
C - previous club cut them due to not having a roster spot for them in the next season
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