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Managing Your Schedule

posted by Administrator 09/07/2022 01:09:06

Coaches - Here are the basics of keeping your schedule in compliance during the ENYTB season:

1. Score your games.

To do so, hit the icon with star on it. Games not scored within 7 days will be assessed a $75 passed game fine. Ideally, score them within 48 hours. Especially as tournaments approach because those game results will be used for seeding.

2. Weather Postponements.

Mark any game that was canceled due to weather. To do so, there is an icon with a rain cloud on it.

Teams are NOT required to make these up. If you have time in your schedule to make them up, great. But many teams are packed full for the summer and will not be able to.

The website gives a 7 day window to set a new date for the game. If that time expires, the game locks in a status of "IMPASSE". If teams agree to a new date after the Impasse locks in, simply add a new game to your schedule using orange button at top of page "Add New Game".

Note: Teams in this league are motivated to play games. If bad weather is foreseeable, explore options in advance to get a game in. Change the start time, play the game a day early, change the game from a double header to a single or a 9 inning game, play it at a different field than scheduled, check with visiting team to see if they have a useable field. Be creative and flexible to get as much baseball as possible in for the players.

3. Changing a Scheduled Game

We ask all teams to play their schedules as scheduled. However, if both teams agree, there are small changes that can be made:

    - Adjust start time of a game on same day: Home team clicks the clock icon to make the change. Visiting team approves it.

    - Changing home field: Home team makes the change by clicking icon that looks like a baseball field. Visiting team approves it.

    - Changing length/type of game: Home team clicks the sprocket icon. Teams can agree to make a single game a double header, or vice versa. 7 inning games or DH's can be switched to 9 inning games.

    - Changing date of game: Use the orange button at top of schedule page "Add New Game" Add details of new game. Contact league via email or help desk ticket. Notify us of original game and new game date. We will cancel the original game.

    4. Forfeits

    Schedule reliability is something our league takes very serious. If you cannot field 9 players on the date of a scheduled game, it is a forfeit and a fine of $75 per game will be assessed.

    Your opponent is under no obligation to accept a reschedule date. However, if they do, the offending team has 10 days to agree to a new game date, add it to their schedule, and notify the league. If all of these steps are followed, the forfeit loss and $75 will be deleted.
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