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ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules (Restricted Free Agents aka RFA)

posted by Administrator 01/31/2023 01:01:36

ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules

ENYTB regulates intraleague player movement by imposing "CAPS" on each team. This CAPS system is fully integrated into the website i.e., all ENYTB rules re: player movement from one ENYTB team to another are embedded in, and automatically enforced by, the website. The website also maintains a complete and current record of each team's cap history and current cap space.

NOTE: This system applies to summer teams only. Player movement between fall teams is not regulated i.e., players are free to play for the team of their choice in the ENYTB fall program.

ENYTB does NOT rely on player "releases" to regulate player movement nor does it ban any team from talking to players from other ENYTB teams that have expressed an interest in joining their team. Similarly, ENYTB teams are free to initiate interest in players from other ENYTB teams and/or to invite them to join their team.

Once a player agrees to join an ENYTB summer team and is added to their roster, he becomes a Restricted Free Agent (RFA) of that team, whether their status be active or inactive. A player can remain inactive for up to two years at which time, he is automatically deleted from his team's roster. If during this two year period, the player signs with another ENYTB team, his prior team receives a compensatory RFA credit.

Any player not on the roster of a current ENYTB team is classified as an "Unrestricted Free Agents" or UFA. For example, UFAs include all players who have not previously played in ENYTB as well as all players who played in ENYTB the prior year but whose team was discontinued in the current season.

NOTE: Any player with a status of DNR or CUT remains an RFA for two years provided the team he was rostered on continues in the league.

ENYTB's cap system limits both the overall number of RFAs any team can add in a given year as well as the number of players any team can take from the same team (aka head-to-head (H2H) caps). A more detailed presentation of the new cap system, including various exemptions, is provided elsewhere in this section for reference purposes.

The ENYTB website applies the cap system each time a team attempts to add a player to its roster via the ADD PLAYER roster function. It works like this.

********************RFA LOGIC*************************************
Does the player qualify as an RFA?

NO - Player is added.
YES - Continue

Does the player qualify for an RFA exemption?

YES - Player is added and RFA transaction history is updated accordingly. NO RFA credit is assessed.
NO - Continue

Does this team have sufficient unused RFA cap space to legally add the player?

NO - Give user on-screen message - Insufficient cap space - END.
YES - Giver user on-screen message - You have sufficient cap space to add player to your roster. Do you wish to add player to your roster?

YES - Player is added, RFA credit is assessed and RFA transaction history is updated accordingly.
When the player transaction is executed the system automatically removes the player from the roster of his prior team and adds him/her to the roster of his new team. All affected parties are informed of the player transaction via email (same as schedule changes).

In summary, to add a player from another member's roster (RFA):

a - the team is required to have evidence that the player consented to the transaction BEFORE entering it to the website; and,

b - the team is required to have sufficient RFA cap space to accommodate the transaction. If not, the website will reject the attempted transaction.

NOTE: In the event the player disputes in a timely manner having given his consent, the league will undo the player transaction.

There are no restrictions on the addition of players who are “unrestricted free agents” (UFA), other than the general limits on roster size and age eligibility.

EXCEPTION: Players on dead teams, though treated as UFAs, are limited by a H2H Cap = 3 per year. This is to prevent people from folding one team to form another team for the sole purpose of circumventing these limits. Extensions of this limit are routinely granted upon request if the league is convinced that everything is on the up and up.

IMPORTANT: Under the ENYTB CAP system, ONLY PERSONS WITH CLUB LEVEL ACCESS PRIVILEGES (not team managers or coaches) are allowed to cut players from a roster. This means a team manager or coach must go to his club owner or rep to remove unwanted players from their roster. (This is consistent with our constitution that states that the teams and the ENYTB rights to the players thereto reside with the club owner and his representative, not his managers or coaches.)

Club reps also have the capability to transfer players from one team to another, within their own club (new roster function called “intra-club transfer”).

Keeping track of all of this requires a substantial amount of bookkeeping (automated inside the website). Each team’s entire cap history and status is on public display at ? LEAGUE PLAY ? RFA Cap Space - By Team.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES re: RFA Adds for the Upcoming Season:

1. JAN 31 – Last date for teams returning from prior year to preserve their RFA rights from prior year by activating their teams for the upcoming season. After this date, all inactive teams from the prior spring/summer season are declared dead, thereby making their players UFA. This makes it easier for players on these teams to find a new ENYTB team and to continue their participation in this league.)

NOTE: If a team adds a player BEFORE his prior team is deleted, that player will count against that team's RFA cap. If the same team waits until Feb 1 and the player’s team is deleted, the player will be an UFA (Dead) and therefore, will not count against that team's RFA cap. Thus, it would be wise to wait till Feb 1 to add RFAs to your team roster unless the player’s prior team already appears on ENYTB’s active team board.

2. MAR 1 - Last date for younger teams (12u and younger) to claim an RFA player who is active for another ENYTB team in the current season.

3. APR 1 - Last date for older teams (13u and older) to claim an RFA player who is active for another ENYTB team in the current season.

NOTE: All RFAs added prior to the RFA signing deadlines count against a team's CAP space in the current year.

RFA players whose status is inactive e.g., DNR, can be added any time throughout the year provided the team has the Cap space to do so.

The purpose of having RFA deadlines is to prevent teams from waiting till the day before the season begins to sign an RFA, thus leaving the player’s prior team A in a lurch.

Every team’s RFA CAP allowances shall be recomputed anew for the following season on Aug 1st. The same is true for RFA losses and compensatory credits.

4. AUG 1 – RFA Credits for following spring/summer season are calculated and awarded.


In the past, ENYTB offered teams an active ENYTB roster along with an inactive list. Players on the inactive list were not eligible to play and did not count against the team’s roster limit. However, the inactive list preserved the club’s rights to the player for the entirety of the current season. The problem with having only one inactive list is that a player could be on the list for any number of very different reasons. Depending on the reason, we may want to treat the players differently. Thus, the inactive list has been replaced by three new lists that members should find much more useful. Each of these lists is available for use by team managers and coaches i.e., they don’t need to go to their club rep to move a player from their active roster to any of these three lists.

1. “Did Not Report” list (DNR).

If a player from last season doesn’t come back, regardless of the reason, rather than cutting that player outright and therefore not be eligible for a compensatory credit for a “RFA loss”, the team should move the player to its DNR list.

BENEFITS – The player will no longer count against the team’s roster limit while he is there, but if he joins another ENYTB team, his new team will be forced to use a RFA credit and his prior team shall receive credit for the RFA loss (compensatory credits). Compensatory credits earned in the prior season are awarded on Aug 1. Teams are required have one more RFA loss than base RFA credits to qualify for compensatory credits (total RFA losses less base credits).

2. “Ineligible” list (IE).

If a player discontinues playing for a club and owes it money, uniform, equipment, etc. he should be placed on this list.

BENEFITS – As long as player is on this list, he shall be ineligible to play for another ENYTB team. Once the player squares up with his team, he can be made active again or moved to the team’s DNR list if he has no intention of playing for that team again. Players on this list do not count against their team’s roster limit.

3. Injured Reserve list (IR).

If a player is unable to play for the rest of the season due to injury, he is eligible to be placed on this list. This is a full season IR list i.e., once on it, the player can not play again until the following season.

BENEFITS: The player would not count against the team's roster limit and no other team would be able to add the player to its roster i.e., the club’s RFA rights for the injured player are preserved for the following year. At that time the injured player shall be automatically restored to his team’s active roster.