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posted by Administrator 06/29/2020 06:06:29

It is each team's responsibility to update the status of every game on its schedule no later than 7 days after the scheduled date of the game. Failure to do so automatically results in a PASSED game fine for BOTH teams.

EXAMPLE1: If you're the AWAY team and your opponent fails to enter a request for a weather postponement, then you need to do so. Failure to do so automatically results in a PASSED game fine for BOTH teams.

EXAMPLE2: If your opponent tells you he can't play as scheduled, regardless of reason, he must forfeit that game. If he fails to do so, you should forfeit on his behalf. Failure to do so automatically results in a PASSED game fine for BOTH teams.


Their is an icon tray on every game listing on your schedule. These functions provide you with an easy and quick way to update the status of every game on your schedule.

I - Enter Game Score

Click the first icon in the tray (star on a ribbon) and then click Enter Score. You will be asked if game was played on date as scheduled. If yes, you will be allowed to enter the score.

For suspended game, do NOT use the normmal score entry icon. Instead, use the white circle with two small vertical lines in the center.

II - Weather Postponement

Up until the time of the game, only the home team can enter a weather postponement. After that, either team can do so. To cancel a game due to bad weather, click on the 2nd icon (dark cloud with rain falling) and answer a few simple yes/no questions. Failure to do so within 7 days of the scheduled date of the game will automatically result in a PASSED game fine for BOTH teams.

NOTE: Make-ups of WPD games is optional. If teams wish to make-up teh game and agree on a reschedule, they have 7 days from the scheduled start date to enter the make-up game. After 7 days, game is declared an IMPASSE and reschedule function is no longer operative. If after 7 days the two teams find a date, time and place that works, the home team should add the game via the ADD GAME function located at the top of the schedule page.

NOTE: Any time a scheduled game is changed via the website, the website updates both teams' schedules and sends an email to both teams notifying them of the change.

B - Admin Cancel - This is a request to the league admin to cancer a game w/o penalty. This can be done for two reasons only. They are:

1 - If a game conflicts with a school baseball game/event; or,
2 - If a game conflicts with an ENYTB registered tournament.

Like all schedule change requests entered to the website, you need to

a - notify your opponent as soon as you know the conflict exists; and,

b - enter the request to the website as soon as you know the conflict exists. The icon for this schedule change is a red X. Just click and answer a couple of simple questions.

NOTE: The website will NOT accept such requests inside of 48 hours of game's scheduled start time. However, if you miss the 48 hour deadline contact the league admin and he will execute teh transaction for you. The important thing is that your opponent is notified in as timely manner as possible. team can request an ADMIN CANCEL from the League Administrator.

There is no fine/penalty and no obligation to make-up an admin cancel. If both teams wish to make-up the game, use the ADD GAME function to add the make-up game.


There are reschedule icons accessible to the home team only that lets you change the home field that the game will be played on and another that lets you change the game's start time by up to two hours. Teams can use these icons w/o going through League Admins.

NOTE: Always notify your opponent first of the schedule change before entering it to the website.


There also is a reschedule icon that allows either team to request a change in game type among DH, SG7 and SG9. This is a request to your opponent and he has to approve your request via the website for the change to take effect in teh system.


When both games of a DH are not played as official games, use the DH Splitter to separate the DH into two SG and update each game separately.

VI - All Other Schedule Changes = FORFEITS!

DEFINITION: FORFEIT - When none of the cancellation/reschedule options offered above legally apply, and an opponent notifies you that he can not field a minimum of 9 legal players to play the game as scheduled, regardless of reason (other than the two ADMIN CANCELS described above).

There are two reschedule icons attached to every game denoting a forfeit. One is for the offending team to declare the forfeit. However, many times the offending team ignores this step. If nobody does anything, both teams are fined for a passed game at the end of 7 days (PASSED game). So to avoid being fined for a PASSED game when your opponent has forfeited but has failed to enter the forfeit to teh system, the non-offending team should forfeit the game on behalf of its opponent. The two forfeit icons are side-by-side in the icon tray attached to every game on your schedule.

All forfeits are fine at a rate of $75 per game but beginning 2019, ENYTB instituted a procedure whereby forfeit fines can be forgiven. That is the subject of Schedule Reliability Rule 4.