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posted by Administrator 06/29/2020 06:06:50

Once a season schedule is released, teams have a short period to attempt to persuade their opponents to agree to changes. For ages 13U and older, this period ends on May 15. For the younger teams, it ends on APR 10.

Two changes are allowed during the GRACE PERIOD that are not allowed once the GRACE PERIOD ends, provided both parties agree:

A - Outright cancellations w/o penalty; and,
B - Reschedules w/o penalty.

The GRACE PERIOD ordinarily lasts for 7 days following the schedule's publication.

The process for GRACE PERIOD changes to already scheduled games is as follows:

1 - To have a change accepted and enacted by the league, the team requesting the change must provide the league with written evidence that their opponent has agreed to the change.

2 - Upon receipt of such notification the league shall make the change to the website and both team's schedules will adjust accordingly. Because the change was made during the Grace Period, there is no fine or penalty or limit to the number of such changes.

3 - Once the Grace Period ends, all games are play as scheduled, or forfeited.

NOTE: Beginning 2019, forfeit fines will be forgiven if team follows forfeit forgiveness protocol, described and discussed separately in Schedule Reliability Rule 3.