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SCHEDULE RELIABILITY RULE 4: How to qualify for forgiveness of your forfeit fine.

posted by Administrator 01/13/2021 10:01:52

Schedule reliability is the hallmark of a quality league. When a team asks to be scheduled 16 or 20 or 24 games, that team has an obligation to its fellow members to play that number of games with limited exceptions e.g., weather postponements and admin cancellations for certain types of conflicts.

NOTE: Prior to 2019, ENYTB offered members two additional options for changing their schedules - the No Harm, No Foul Cancellation (NHNFC) and the Non-Weather Postponement (NWP). These were member to member transactions and they had time limits on them for advance notification. These functions were abused by a significant number of teams so ENYTB no longer offers these options.

Since the NHNFC and NWP have been eliminated, we thought it was fair to forgive forfeit fines when the two teams actually played the game on a different date/time. This is consistent with the goal of getting teams to play their full schedules whenever possible.


A - Forfeit any game that your team is unable to play as scheduled;
B - Obtain opponent's agreement to schedule make-up game;
C - Home team uses ADD GAME function to add game to both team's schedules;
D - Within 7 days of the make-up game being played and scored, the team with the forfeit fine team notifies league admin.

IMPORTANT: Both teams share the responsibility to update the status of a game on the ENYTB website within 7 days of its scheduled date. Failure to do so results in a "passed" game and a $75 fine per game for both teams.

NOTE1: The website provides both teams with the capability to update the status of a game i.e., to enter the game score, to enter a weather postponement (away team only after the game's scheduled start time), and to enter a non-playing FORFEIT, regardless of which team is the offender. So no excuses e.g., I thought that was the responsibility of the winning or home team. No, both teams share equal responsibility for keeping schedule up to date.

NOTE2: Late Cancellations - Any team that fails to notify its opponent of a forfeit more than 48 hours before the game's start time shall be liable for any out-of-pocket costs incurred by their opponent due to lack of notice e.g., umpire fees and/or field rental fees, etc.

NOTE3: If your game is scheduled on a play or pay field (marked by dollar sign on your schedule) and you cancel as the away team, you are responsible for the field use fee, regardless of length of notification.

Upon notifying your opponent of your inability to play as scheduled, you (the offending team) are required to immediately enter the forfeit to the website. However, as mentioned, in case the offending team fails in its responsibility to enter the forfeit, the website is constructed to allow either team to enter the forfeit.

FINE FORGIVENESS - Beginning in 2019, League Admin will cancel the fine for any forfeit that is made-up before the end of the season.
To qualify for “forgiveness” of a forfeit fine the offending team must do all of the following:

• Provide his opponent with timely notification of the forfeit. Timely is defined as not less than 48 hours before the game’s scheduled start time;

• Reimburse his opponent for any unavoidable out-of-pocket game costs e.g., umpire fees, play-or-pay field rental fees etc.

• Provide opponent with a date, time and place for the make-up game that is acceptable to his opponent.

NOTE: If no date, time and place is acceptable to both teams, the forfeit fine shall stand.

• Following the opponent’s agreement to the terms of a make-up game, the home team shall add the game to its online schedule.

• Once the game is played and scored on the website, the offending team shall notify the League Admin within 7 days of when the game was played to qualify for forgiveness of the fine.

Reminder, all fine money collected by the league is recycled to the general membership via its free tournaments. Forfeit fines equal the approximate cost of one umpire so these fines should not materially affect a team's operating budget.

As always, ENYTB reserves the right to suspend or terminate any club and/or team with an egregious history of schedule reliability.