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First Ever ENYTB SUPER 8 Tournament (2016) - A Smashing Success!

posted by Administrator 02/21/2019 05:02:45

First Ever ENYTB SUPER 8 Tournament
***A Smashing Success!***

This past weekend we conducted our first ever SUPER 8 tournament. Regular season play was used to determine the top 8 teams in each age division from 13U thru 18U (5 divisions). About 30 teams participated in the SE event. Play began on FRI and ended on SUN. Teams played one game per day till they were eliminated or the last man standing.

I want to thank each participating team, including the players, coaches, business managers, managers and parents for a very enjoyable weekend. It was truly a great tournament with excellent play, exciting games and most importantly plenty of sportsmanship.

A special thanks goes out to our two primary hosts: Lance Maxon and his DevilCats coaches as well as Bill Kelts and his Waterford coaches.

And finally, a big Congratulations to our Five SUPER 8 Champions and Runner-Ups:
13U Champion: DevilCats managed by Lance Maxon
13U Runner-up: TC Bombers managed by Brent Campbell
14U Champion: Adirondack Hawks managed by Jasen Payant
14U Runner-Up: Waterford Nationals managed by Rob Taranto
15U Champion: DevilCats managed by Curtis Nobles
15U Runner-Up: NY Storm managed by Dave Breakell
16U Champion: Queensbury Spartans managed by Jason Shpur
16U Runner-Up: Columbia Clippers managed by Robert Pesano
17/18U Champion: DevilCats managed by Steve Allard
17/18U Runner-Up: Northeast Hurricanes managed by Jack Hills
NOTE: DevilCats pulled a hat trick, winning three age divisions!

About SUPER 8 II

Q1.Will we continue this tournament in the future?
A1.Most likely, assuming we can continue to get commitments from quality hosts. The match-ups on Sunday read like a who's who for our league. The best vs the best.

Q2 What was the most common comment about the tournament?
A2 The competition was great and the pace of play was great - one game per day max for three days max. Teams were able to come into SUPER SUNDAY's Championship games at peak strength rather than tired and out of pitching.

Q3. Anything you plan to change?
A3. Yes, we can't leave the rest of the league hanging on cancellations of ALL potential conflicts. We will clean that up next year so non-participating teams have a couple weeks to find other opponents to play.

Q4 Any other improvements that you anticipate?
A4 Yes, I would like to see this tournament expand to include as many as 12 teams with teh top four seeds getting byes in Round 1. The more the merrier.

Q5 Will you be able to continue to make this tournament free except for ump fees?
A5 I'm going to try. This year we invested the money we collected for fines to finance this worthy event. I think it makes sense to continue that practice.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our first ever SUPER 8 as well as to all the fans who came out to the fields this weekend to support their team.
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