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Cap City Kings 14SB [9U High Silver (summer 2020 season)]

Looking for higher skilled pitchers and catchers for high silver team playing competitve schedule. If P/ C is in search of team due do COVID call 518- 852-4620.


ENY Blackhawks 11+M [11U Low Silver (summer 2020 season)]

ENY Blackhawks 11u in the Kinderhook area is looking for a few 10/11 year old players who are looking to play competitive ball for the upcoming seasons! Look for us on facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/ENYBlackhawks-1591883604454819/

Contact 1: Derek Berner
518-701-6736 (home)
518-701-6736 (cell)
d s b e r n e r 2 2 8 8 @ g m a i l . c o m

Contact 2: Jonathan Brignull
(518) 929-7752 (home)
(518) 929-7752 (cell)
e n y b l a c k h a w k s 1 0 @ g m a i l . c o m


Schenectady Rebels [15U (summer 2020 season)]

Looking to fill a few spots on this upcoming 2020 season Please reach out and we set up a appointment Fun and relaxed team that plays high level season

Contact 1: Mike Andi
(518)-952-6297 (home)
(518) 878-1437 (cell)
a n d i m 0 1 3 @ y a h o o . c o m

Contact 2: Mike Andi
(518)-952-6297 (home)
(518) 878-1437 (cell)
a n d i m 0 1 3 @ y a h o o . c o m