Rules and Regulations

Roster Management 101: The Basics

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:57

Basics: Roster minimum = 11 players Roster maximum = 18 players (21 player max ages 17U and older) Roster minimum must be met before season starts Rosters stay open all year for additions/subtraction Deadline for taking an ACTIVE player from another club is March 1st for 9U-12U teams. Deadline is April 1st for 13U & older. Players bas... Read More

Team Availability 101: The Basics

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:46

My Team > Scheduling Tools > View/Edit Team Availability This is THE MOST important step of the season. Build a calendar that tells us: - how many games you want to play total - what type of games do you want to play: single, double header, 9 inning? - the frequency/cadence in which you want to play - what days you are available to pla... Read More

Do Players Need A Release To Change ENYTB Teams?

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:44

Do Players Need A Release To Change ENYTB Teams?No. ENYTB does not have anything called a release. Instead player movement is regulated by placing annual and lifetime limits on each team as to how many players it can take from any other ENYTB registered team (head-to-head cap) as well as ALL other ENYTB teams combined (overall cap). This system wa... Read More

ENYTB BAT RULES (Current For 2023)

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:40

ENYTB BAT RULES 1 - 12U and Under - USABat standard only i.e., bat must be stamped USABat; 2 - 13U - players can use USA Bat OR BBCOR with no size restrictions. At 13U only, players can use anything certified BPF -1.15 (i.e. USSSA) with a maximum -5 weight/length and a maximum 2 5/8" diameter barrel 4 - 14/15u - Any metal bat must be BB... Read More

Last Dates For Adding Players To Your Roster

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:33

I Ages 9u-12U: A. Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA): No Limit B. Restricted Free Agents (RFA): 1 - Active RFA: MAR 1 2 - Inactive RFA: No Limit II Ages 13u & Older: A. Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA): No Limit B. Restricted Free Agents (RFA): 1 - Active RFA: APR 1 2 - Inactive RFA: No Limit NOTE1: If an RFA notifies his team BEFORE th... Read More


posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:30

ENYTB RFA RULES i.e., Adding Players From Other ENYTB TeamsPrior to 2013, ENYTB used a PLAYER RELEASE SYSTEM to regulate player movement inside the league. This system proved to be unfair, inefficient and generally inadequate. Parents were offended by the process and the league was spending an inordinate amount of time advising parties on both sid... Read More

Secondary Players - 3 rules

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:27

Players are allowed to be rostered on more than one team in ENYTB. Every player has a PRIMARY team. A player can also choose to play on another team(s) on a SECONDARY status, provided the following rules are followed: 1. A player can only be on one team per age division 2. A players secondary team must be in an age division OLDER than his pri... Read More

Field Availability: The Basics

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:22

This is a Club GM responsibility. My Club > Field Times A field schedule must be built for every home field you plan on using. (1) Select a field name (if a field is not listed that you plan on using, notify the HelpDesk) (2) Create a name for the schedule - Scroll down the page to the "Initialize Field" box - Enter the first date t... Read More

ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules (Restricted Free Agents aka RFA)

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:19

ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules ENYTB regulates intraleague player movement by imposing "CAPS" on each team. This CAPS system is fully integrated into the website i.e., all ENYTB rules re: player movement from one ENYTB team to another are embedded in, and automatically enforced by, the website. The website also maintains a complete and cu... Read More

DOB Documents - Rosters Now Include Document Upload Function

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:18

PLAYER DOB - DOCUMENT UPLOAD No more waiting on League Admin to verify your player's DOB. Beginning 2019, the enytb website provides teams with the capability to directly upload a player's DOB document. Once the document has been successfully uploaded, your roster is instantly updated and the player is eligible for ENYTB play. COMING SOON ... Read More