Rules and Regulations


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Once a season schedule is released, teams have a short period to attempt to persuade their opponents to agree to changes. The two most common kinds of changes are outright cancellation and a non-weather postponement. To have a change accepted and enacted by the league, the team requesting the change must provide the league with written evidence ... Read More

What is the difference between a club and a team and what different types of clubs are there?

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What is the difference between a club and a team and what different types of clubs are there?What is a club? The ENYTB Constitution defines a member as a club. A club owns one or more teams. These teams often share the same name but not always. Clubs are recognized by ENYTB for three important reasons.Multi-team "clubs" represent the most com... Read More

ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules

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ENYTB Intraleague Player Movement Rules ENYTB regulates intraleague player movement by imposing "CAPS" on each team. This CAPS system is fully integrated into the website i.e., all ENYTB rules re: player movement from one ENYTB team to another are embedded in, and automatically enforced by, the website. The website also maintains a complete and cu... Read More

Do Players Need A Release To Change ENYTB Teams?

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Do Players Need A Release To Change ENYTB Teams?No. ENYTB does not have anything called a release. Instead player movement is regulated by placing annual and lifetime limits on each team as to how many players it can take from any other ENYTB registered team (head-to-head cap) as well as ALL other ENYTB teams combined (overall cap). This system wa... Read More

Beginning 2019 - Games On Play-Or-Pay Fields Will Be Labeled On Schedule

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Beginning 2019 - Games On Play-Or-Pay Fields Will Be Labeled On ScheduleA couple of years ago ENYTB adopted a policy that large clubs in particular, be required to provide sufficient home field time for the scheduling of their teams' home games. That policy caused some clubs to rent field time, sometimes at rather high rates and on a no cancellati... Read More

Where Are The League Playing Rules?

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Where Are The League Playing Rules?The "Rules & Regulations" sections cover the ENYTB rules & regs for rosters, player movement, schedule reliability and various miscellaneous policies/rules. However, for the most part, the rules & regs sections do NOT cover the league playing rules. ENYTB's playing rules have their own place on the website - Ins... Read More

DOB Documents - Rosters Now Include Document Upload Function

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PLAYER DOB - DOCUMENT UPLOAD No more waiting on League Admin to verify your player's DOB. Beginning 2019, the enytb website provides teams with the capability to directly upload a player's DOB document. Once the document has been successfully uploaded, your roster is instantly updated and the player is eligible for ENYTB play. COMING SOON ... Read More


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NEW POLICY re: HELPDESK USE Effective immediately, the HelpDesk is available to all managers and coaches, as well as club GMs. Please notice the HelpDesk now appears on the main menu bar, just to the right of Tournaments. The HelpDesk is up and running 24/7. Simply click, sign-in and state your question. NOTE: First time users will need to e... Read More


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ENYTB RFA RULES i.e., Adding Players From Other ENYTB TeamsPrior to 2013, ENYTB used a PLAYER RELEASE SYSTEM to regulate player movement inside the league. This system proved to be unfair, inefficient and generally inadequate. Parents were offended by the process and the league was spending an inordinate amount of time advising parties on both sid... Read More

History, Pros and Cons Of ENYTB's Diamond Division

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History, Pros and Cons Of ENYTB's Diamond Division ENYTB created its Elite classification Diamond) in 2014 as a compromise between the league and its member clubs with so-called "tournament" teams. Example: Club xyz has 10 teams and one of those teams wishes to play exclusively as a tournament team and does not want to participate in ENYTB per... Read More