Rules and Regulations - Schedule Reliability

SCHEDULE RELIABILITY RULE 4: How to qualify for forgiveness of your forfeit fine.

posted by Administrator 01/13/2021 10:01:52

Schedule reliability is the hallmark of a quality league. When a team asks to be scheduled 16 or 20 or 24 games, that team has an obligation to its fellow members to play that number of games with limited exceptions e.g., weather postponements and admin cancellations for certain types of conflicts. [br][br]NOTE: Prior to 2019, ENYTB offered member... Read More

SCHEDULE RELIABILITY RULE 1: Every team begins with a fully customized schedule.

posted by Administrator 01/13/2021 10:01:40

ENYTB schedules are customized to your inputs for the following:[br][br]1 - Total number of games you wish to be scheduled;[br]2 - Number of games you wish to play F-M on any given week;[br]3 - Number of games you wish to play T-TH on any given week;[br]4 - Your team's power rating (which you tell us);[br]5 - Your's team's strength of schedule pref... Read More


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Once a season schedule is released, teams have a short period to attempt to persuade their opponents to agree to changes. For ages 13U and older, this period ends on May 15. For the younger teams, it ends on APR 10.[br][br]Two changes are allowed during the GRACE PERIOD that are not allowed once the GRACE PERIOD ends, provided both parties agree:[b... Read More

Beginning 2019 - Games On Play-Or-Pay Fields Will Be Labeled On Schedule

posted by Administrator 01/13/2021 10:01:15

Beginning 2019 - Games On Play-Or-Pay Fields[br]Will Be Labeled On Schedule

A couple of years ago ENYTB adopted a policy that large clubs in particular, be required to provide sufficient home field time for the scheduling of their teams' home games. That policy caused some clubs to rent field time, sometimes at rather high rates and on a no... Read More