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ENYTB Adds New OPEN Tournament To Its Tournament Portfolio - SummerBLAST!

posted by Administrator 06/27/2019 11:06:13

ENYTB Adds 3rd OPEN Tournament To Its Tournament Portfolio

In talking to ENYTB members about ENYTB's summer baseball program, the general opinion was that ENYTB should host a mid-season tournament each year. They also noted that with the declining popularity of sanctioned tournaments, the league standings had lost their luster. So we went to work on both ideas and came up with a joint solution, described below.


WHEN: Last weekend of June ....

Just after school lets out for the summer - hence the name, SUMMER BLAST!

The tournament concludes before the July 4th break, thus avoiding conflicts with out of town tournaments over the weekend of the 4th as well as family vacations.

TYPE: OPEN to members and non-members alike ....

The age structure of these tournaments will be parallel to ENYTB's SUPER 8 tournaments i.e., 13U-14U-15U-16U-17/18U.

WHERE: On the best and most centrally located fields ENYTB has to offer. All field hosts shall have at least one lighted field.

FORMAT: Pool play followed by single elimination play.

FEE: $200 per entrant and pay one ump fee per game played. The entry fee shall cover all other game costs plus awards.

AWARDS: Team trophies for 1st and 2nd place. In addition, the top four finishing ENYTB registered teams shall be guaranteed a berth in ENYTB's SUPER 8 tournament.
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