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Great Turnout At Our 2nd Meeting!

posted by Administrator 02/26/2019 12:02:28

I guess it was the allure of the new website! We had a record turnout for this meeting, close to double that of the highest attendance in recent years and greater than the number who attended this year's Kick-Off meeting! Sorry I ran out of handouts but they are uploaded to the News Board (see notification announcement article preceding this article).

The crowd was quite attentive and made numerous comments and suggestions. I learned a few things from this meeting. First, that about 15 persons attending had already spent some time navigating the website and they all agreed that the user experience is night and day between the old and the new. Music to my ears as that was our main goal. Perhaps the best suggestion was to require ALL teams participating in ENYTB open tournaments to submit rosters, to extend the website to do so online and to display them for all to see. We would, of course, withhold player contact info (minors).

The main concern seemed to be in regards to ENYTB teams adding non-ENYTB pitchers to their tournament rosters who were either over-aged or ringers. By adding this capability to the website for Open tournaments we could easily verify the age of all non-ENYTB players participating in the tournament as well as enforce our limit of 4 over-aged players per team. And, if we wanted to, we could restrict ENYTB tournament teams to using their non-ENYTB players as pitchers if and only if their opponent also had non-ENYTB players on its tournament roster.

The latter is not as important or appropriate for our new SummerBLAST! tournaments because those tournaments are treated as open competitive, as is the BIC division of the LMS. However, the roster limitations could be useful in the other divisions of the LMS where teams are classified according to their ability level. In fact, we already do something like this for the ENYTB/ValleyCats fall Classic tournament.

This morning I designed a tentative methodology for accomplishing these things. I hope the ENYTB computer staff has the time to implement it this year but with the focus on the new website for the rest of 2019, I can't guarantee that we will have it for this year's tournaments but we will try!

Thanks again to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to attend Sunday's meeting.

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