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  • The Last Man Standing tournament is ENYTB's season closing event - it is played every year on the last weekend of July and is designed to provide a fun ending to everyone's season. A record 114 teams participated in 2018. Games were played at more than 30 fields operated by ENYTB members.

    Entry Fee: $300 per team and each team pays one ump per game played. The entry fee shall cover all other game costs plus awards.

    General Format: Pool play followed by single elimination with a three game guarantee (no consolation games). Every team, regardless of tournament record, is still alive at the beginning of play on Sunday morning.

    THUR/FRI/SAT ...Three rounds of pool play - each team plays two games and gets one BYE. **

    SUN R4 - Pool winners get a R4 BYE while 2 plays 3 cross-pool.

    SUN R5 - R4 winners play pool winners. (R4 losers are eliminated.)

    MON R6/R7 - 3 --> 2 --> 1.

    Age Divisions: Teams are sorted into age groups, defined in two year intervals, beginning at age 9/10. 19U teams can play in 17/18U tournament.

    3 Competition Levels: Teams are grouped by competition level i.e., high (BIC), medium (AAA) and low (AA). The goal is to place each team into a level that it can be competitive in. **

    ENYTB Standings are used to place ENYTB teams while non-ENYTB teams are allowed to self-place in conjunction with a talk with the tournament director.

  • Open Rosters

    ***All teams competing in LMS MUST file a tournament roster online, no later than 7 days prior to the tournament start date***

    LMS is an OPEN ROSTER tournament. But there are restrictions.

    ENYTB Teams:

    1 - May include any player on teams regular season roster.

    Note: Includes Over-Age players, but they must follow ENYTB rules that restrict Over-Aged players from pitching in certain situations.

    2 - May include players from the regular season roster of other ENYTB teams who are NOT registered in same age division LMS tournament.

    Note: This does NOT include over-aged players

    3 - May include up to 3 non-ENYTB players.

    Note: This does NOT include over-aged players

    4 - Must Follow ENYTB Rules That Restrict Over-Aged Players From Pitching In Certain Age Situations;

    5 - AAA and AA Teams Are Restricted To Pitchers Who Were On Their Regular Season Team Roster Prior to July 15 PLUS 1 additional designated pitcher.

    6 - BIC teams are an open competitive division so those teams are allowed to use all of their tournament players to pitch provided they don’t violate ENYTB’s Pitching Restrictions For Over-Aged Players.

    Non-ENYTB Teams:

    1 - Are NOT permitted to use Over-Aged Players;

    2 - Are not limited to players on their regular season roster;

    3 - May use ENYTB players who are not particpating on any other LMS roster

    WARNING: If a team enters the AA or AAA level and begins winning all its games by lopsided scores, we reserve the right to remove that team from the tournament. In 16 years this has happened only once.

  • ENYTB members, in conjunction with ENYTB, host all LMS games. We ALWAYS need hosts for this tournament so if you are interested in hosting any games, please advise the tournament director (Ed Frye, (518)-542-8498).

    We make every effort to place games at fields to avoid significant travel distances for both teams whenever possible. As tournaments wear on, the games get concentrated at fewer and fewer fields and there is less control over that.

    There are several hosting options available:

    1 - Host your team's games only, usually Friday & Saturday.

    2 - (1) plus hosting additional games not involving your teams (secondary host)

    3 - (1) plus one other game on Friday and/or Saturday. **

    4 - Host non-stop throughout tournament, includes games involving your teams and games not involving your teams. Usually includes Championship game in your team's division. (Primary Host.)

    League provides baseballs and all team and player awards;

    Each team pays one ump per game played; and,

    Each host keeps 100% of all concession revenue.

    Primary Hosts get free tournament entry for one of their teams.

    No ump costs, no ball costs, no sweating the details, all the host does is order the umps, distribute the game balls, keep the field(s) groomed, and cook the food and keep the drinks cold! (Did I mention send the scores into the Tournament Director?) Great way to sell the last of your snack bar supplies. We have used 30+ fields for LMS games in each of the last two years.

    Every ENYTB hosted tournament has its own online tournament home page containing all information pertaining to that tournament, including rules, brackets, schedule and scores.

  • 1st Place team - ENYTB Last Man Standing! Championship Trophy. Players receive a Last Man Standing Tournament medallion.

    2nd Place team - ENYTB Last Man Standing! Runner-Up Trophy Players receive a Last Man Standing Tournament medallion.

Last Man Standing ENYTB Tournament

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