Sanctioned Tournaments

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ENYTB provides its members with access to the offerings of three national sanctioning bodies: NABF; AABC; and, PONY. In fact, all ENYTB teams are sanctioned by NABF, thereby making all ENYTB teams eligible to purchase team insurance through Frazier, NABF's insurance carrier.

Each sanctioning body sponsors National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS). AABC and PONY offer NCTS at each age level. NABF is largely focused on the even year age levels, beginning with 14U.

The number of tournaments in each NCTS varies by sanctioning body and age. The normal process is teams pay to be eligible for the first level of an NCTS and winners advance to the next level, w/o paying any additional sanctioning fee. ENYTB offers its members direct buy-in opportunities to the entry level tournaments. In the case of NABF, ENYTB also offers members a limited number of direct buy-in opportunities to their World Series events.

Each sanctioning body has its own roster rules and forms. Each sanctioning body also allows teams to “draft” players for these tournaments from other teams in their league, provided those teams are registered with the same age level and sanctioning body.

To be eligible for a NCTS, teams must register for that NCTS via its customized ENYTB team registration form prior to the close of ENYTB registration on APRIL 15.

Most sanctioned tournaments are run as double elimination (DE) events though the rules for running a DE event can vary from one sanctioning body to another. At the World Series level, most tournaments include a pool phase followed by a single elimination phase, thus assuring teams more than a minimum of two games.

NOTE: ENYTB no longer hosts any sanctioned tournaments. Thus, with rare exceptions, participation in these events requires the team to travel out of state.

To view the dates and sites of sanctioned NCTS available to your team, see your team's registration page or go to ENYTB's Tournament Master Schedule.