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Top 10 in Batting Average for the Whole League

1Cole GuelcherSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL927119100721000150.3330.3790.370.75
2Lucas JackowskiSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL8168700036300160.4380.6090.250.859
3James BeagleSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL9267820083100090.3080.3790.3850.764
4Anthony BestSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL10218820060200150.3810.4090.3810.79
5Justin KleinSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL8176200004100060.1180.2860.0590.345
6Trey T RyzukSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL7166500014100020.3130.450.3130.763
7Alex CipollaSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL92414144001272000150.5830.6770.751.427
8Jack ShanerSaratoga Stampede (Blue) 13 BL8235920063510050.3910.4620.4780.94