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Team Availability 101: The Basics

posted by Administrator 02/21/2023 11:02:15

My Team > Scheduling Tools > View/Edit Team Availability

This is THE MOST important step of the season.

Build a calendar that tells us:

- how many games you want to play total
- what type of games do you want to play: single, double header, 9 inning?
- the frequency/cadence in which you want to play
- what days you are available to play
- prioritize what days of week you prefer to play
- black out dates you cannot play
- define your earliest and latest possible start times

There is a video tutorial link on the page that is a helpful starting point.

The concept of the tool is that you create weekly patterns. Most weeks may have the same pattern. But if there are weeks that deviate from the normal, create a new pattern for that week and apply it where needed.

These calendars must be reviewed and verified by the date listed on your MUST DO list.

*NEW IN 2023: There is a button to click and verify your calendar. Regardless of who builds your calendar (the league, yourself, your Club GM) each manager should go in, check the calendar for accuracy, and verify when it is complete and correct.

League administrators are always available to help anyone having trouble with this tool. Call the league at 518-545-0747. It is highly recommended that newer clubs to the league ask for help.