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Field Availability: The Basics

posted by Administrator 06/11/2024 07:06:22

This is a Club GM responsibility.

My Club > Field Times

A field schedule must be built for every home field you plan on using.

(1) Select a field name (if a field is not listed that you plan on using, notify the HelpDesk)

(2) Create a name for the schedule

- Scroll down the page to the "Initialize Field" box
- Enter the first date the field is open to your club, and the latest date
- There are a bunch of check boxes with time slots per day.
- If the field is typically always available to you, check them all.
- If the field is sporadically available, don't check any boxes.
- If there is a pattern of when the field is available, check the boxes that fit your pattern.


- You will now have a season long grid of ON/OFF switches for every time slot and every day. Fine tune the field schedule. Be sure to turn off any time that field is booked for other use (Men's league, Town events, etc.)

(3) Link Teams - click the orange "Add Teams" button. Click the radio button for any teams that will be using the field.

(4) Verify the schedule as complete when you are certain is accurate