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  • Schedule Management 101 - Rules For Schedule Changes & Updates
  • Summary Of Penalties/Fines For Non-Playing Forfeits and Passed Games
  • Quick Guide re: Weather Postponements (Subject To League Verification)
  • Quick Guide re: Rescheduling Weather Posponed Games (Agreement Required)
  • Quick Guide re: Declaring An Impasse (Approval Not Required)
  • Quick Guide re: Requesting A Non-Weather Postponement (Discretionary Change - Must Include Make-Up)
  • Quick Guide re: Replying To A Request For A Non-Weather Postponement (Discretionary Change)

    Quick Guide re: the Schedule Management Protocol for

    Replying To A Request For A Non-Weather Postponement.

    Each team is required to manage its own online schedule throughout the season i.e., the game status of each scheduled game must be made current within 7 days of the scheduled date of the game. Other than scoring a game (including suspended games) no team shall attempt to change the status of ANY scheduled game via the website until it has discussed the change with its opponent and where agreement is required, has obtained it.

    This protocol allows you to process your reply to a request from an opponent for a non-weather postponement.

    DEFINITION: Reply To A Request For A Non-weather Postponement – You have received a request for a non-weather postponement from an opponent. You have the option of granting or denying any such request, at your discretion. You are required to respond to all such requests no later than 72 hours before the scheduled time of the game. Failure to comply with this deadline will result in your opponent's request being granted automatically.

    NOTE: All non-weather postponement requests include the details of the make-up game. Do NOT grant the request if you do not also agree with all details re: scheduling of the make-up game(s).

    NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to decline any such request that was not preceded by person-to-person contact from your opponent where you agreed to grant the request now presented to you via the website. Also, please bring all such instances to the attention of the league office and the league will correct the offending club/team. No team should be entering any request to you via the website w/o first having discussed it with you and obtaining agreement from you. In fact, even when teams wish to make various non-discretionary changes (those that don't require an opponent's approval) to their schedule, they must inform their opponent via confirmed person-to-person contact before entering the change to the website. Bottom-line, you should never get an email informing you of a change to your schedule that is a total surprise to you. If you do, report it to the league office ASAP.

    The rules for a reply to any request for a non-weather postponement are as follows:
    • All discretionary requests require prior written (saved emails or text message) or verbal (telephone or in person) approval from an opponent before the request may be initiated on the website.
    • If you are contacted within 7 days of a game by an opponent seeking a non-weather postponement, you need to tell him that it is too late for making such requests. Even if you agree to such a request, it is invalid because the website will not allow any discretionary request to be initiated within 7 days of the scheduled game.
    • Teams are not obligated to grant an opponent's request for a discretionary schedule change (even if they previously agreed to do so i.e., they are entitled to change their mind until it becomes official) and are discouraged from doing so if the request will significantly disadvantage or inconvenience them.
    • From a league perspective, the reason for a request is immaterial. However, one could presume there would be greater leeway given to requests based on factors other than poor planning by your opponent
    • Each team is allowed up to two total non-weather postponements (doubleheaders count as two games) per season. The number you have used up at any time is shown at the top of your schedule. When a team uses up its maximum allowance of non-weather postponements, it shall be automatically blocked from making further requests of that kind.
    • When you receive an official request via the website, you are required to reply via the website no later than 72 hours BEFORE the scheduled time of the game. Failure to comply with this time requirement will result in your opponent's request being granted automatically
    • Remember, the date, time and field for the make-up game must be agreed to before a request for a non-weather postponement can be made via the website. The request protocol requires this information.
    • The website will notify Team A of your reply via email.
    • If you have declined Team A’s request, Team A shall be required to reply to you via the website whether it intends to forfeit the game(s) or play them as scheduled. They will need to do this no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of the game. Failure to do so will result in an automatic forfeit by team A.
    • If you reply on the website that you wish to grant Team A’s request, the schedules of both teams will automatically update to reflect the change and all parties will be notified of the change by email.

  • Quick Guide re: Replying To A Non-Weather Postponement Request That Has Been Declined (Discretionary Change)
  • Quick Guide re: Requesting a No Harm/No Foul Cancellation (Discretionary Change)
  • Quick Guide re: Replying To A Request For A No Harm/No Foul Cancellation (Discretionary Change)
  • Quick Guide re: Replying To A No Harm/No Foul Cancelation Request That Has Been Declined (Discretionary Change)
  • Quick Guide re: Changing Fields (Approval Not Required)
  • Quick Guide re: PASSED Games
  • Quick Guide re: Suspend Game
  • Quick Guide re: Continue Suspended Game
  • Quick Guide re: Change Start Time
  • Quick Guide re: Change Innings/Number of Games
  • Quick Guide re: I Am Forfeiting
  • Quick Guide re: My Opponent Has Forfeited

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