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    What is ORMS?

    What is ORMS?

    CLICK HERE for a diagrammatic overview of ORMS.

    In a single sanctioned league, there is one official roster form for regular season play and one for tournament play. The regular season roster has a set of associated player eligibility criteria and the the tournament roster usually includes some additional eligibility criteria e.g., must have played in the league prior to a certain date and must have played a certain minimum number of games, etc.

    In a multi-sanctioned league such as ENYTB (with four sanctionings), the number of potential roster forms and sets of applicable player eligibility criteria increases by a factor of four. This would be mind numbing to keep track of. The solution to this problem is ORMS.

    ORMS refers to software that is integrated to the website that does almost all roster work for you. It includes a player database. When you enter a player's name to be added to your base roster (ENYTB regular season) the system checks to see if the player is already in the ENYTB database. If he is you simply click "LINK" next to his name and his data record is linked to your roster. If the player is new to the system, you will need to enter his bio info to the system one time.

    At this point you are almost done. If you completed your team registration form before constructing your roster, the system will have already automatically linked each of your players to each of your sanctioned regular season rosters. Otherwise you must do so. This task usually can be completed in less than 30 seconds per sanctioned roster.

    At the end of the season, if you win a tournament berth, you will need to link the players on your sanctioned regular season roster to your sanctioned tournament roster.

    ORMS also allows tournament teams to view all eligible draft picks within the league and to actually make their draft selections online. The selected player immediately appears on the team's tournament roster with all required information filled in! All the team has to do is click "print" and its tournament roster prints out on the official roster form of that sanctioning body.

    What about the various sets of player eligibility criteria, who is checking that?

    ORMS does that as well. When you link a player from your ENYTB regular season roster to any sanctioned regular season roster, ORMS automatically checks to see that the player meets all eligibility criteria for that roster form. The same when you link a player to a tournament roster form. If a player fails a criterion, an on-screen message will inform the user and the player will not be added to the roster. This process is referred to as "SMART" rosters. Thus, when the league prints your sanctioned roster off the website and sends it to the national office of that sanctioning body to register your team for sanctioned play, the league can be 100% confident that your roster meets all player eligibility criteria of that sanctioning body.

    NOTE: Teams that win/accept sanctioned NCTS berths need to have their official tournament roster for that sanctioning body signed by an ENYTB representative and they need to bring the signed copy with them to their tournament. It is their admission ticket.

  • Everything you need to know about ENYTB's ONLINE ROSTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.
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