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Loopholes On Age Eligibility

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  • Age Loopholes Allowed By The Various Sanctioning Bodies

    Age Loopholes Allowed By The Various Sanctioning Bodies

    ENYTB is sanctioned by five different national sanctioning bodies. This benefits the membership by increasing the number of sanctioned tournament options available to them. However, the rules adopted by the various sanctioning bodies governing player eligibility are not always the same. In particular, not all sanctioning bodies define player eligibility the same with respect to age. For this reason, it is necessary to establish a consistent set of age-eligibility rules applicable to regular season play. The regular season age-eligibility rules need to achieve two things:

    1. All teams need to meet the age-eligibility requirements of the various sanctioning bodies with which they are registered; and,
    2. The different rules on age-eligibility should not be allowed to disadvantage any team competing for a sanctioned tournament berth, regardless of individual sanctioning body.

    A player's baseball age is typically defined as his age on April 30 of the current year and a team's age is usually determined by the age of its oldest player. Using these straight-forward definitions, a team would need all players on its roster to be xx years old or less on April 30 of the current year in order for it to qualify as an xxU team.

    Three of ENYTB's four sanctioning bodies do NOT follow the above standard for age determination in all age divisions. Instead, in certain age divisions, each has exceptions (loopholes) that allows teams to use what we would normally call "over-aged" players with respect to the standard definition of age given above. These exceptions are as follows:
    • NABF - uses Dec 31 of the prior year to determine a player's age at 17U and 22U;
    • PONY - allows 18U teams to have a maximum of three players who are 19 years old; and,
    • ECTB allows 17s, 18s and 19s to compete in the same tournament.

    It would be wrong to deny ENYTB teams from taking advantage of these "loopholes" in the age-eligibility rules just as it would be wrong to let teams use players in regular season play to compete for berths who would be ineligible to play in the same tournament should their team win a berth.

    ENYTB Rules re: Regular Season Age-Eligibility

    ENYTB has considered this issue during the off-season and adopted the following policy re: age-eligibility for regular season play:

    For any team to take advantage of any of the special age-eligibility rules of NABF, PONY or ECTB stated above, for purposes of regular season play, that team can NOT also be eligible for sanctioned tournament play under any other sanctioning body that imposes a more restrictive age-eligibility criterion. Under such circumstance, all players who are age-eligible under the rules of NABF, CABA or PONY tournament play shall also be age-eligible for all ENYTB regular season play in the same age divisions.

    NOTE #1: ENYTB teams that elect to take advantage of any of the age-eligibility loopholes stated above are required to notify the League Office. In addition, all teams using players who exceed the standard April 30 age cutoff shall be designated with an asterisk at the end of their team name.

    NOTE #2: NABF, PONY and/or ECTB registered teams that don't choose to take advantage of the special age-eligibility rules available to them shall NOT be restricted as to what other sanctioned tournaments they can register for and be eligible for.

    By definition, this policy allows all age-eligible players to be eligible for all regular season games as well as for all sanctioned tournaments their team is registered for.

    Further, since this league policy prohibits ENYTB teams who choose to take advantage of any of the loopholes that exist in the age-eligibility rules of the various sanctioning bodies (as defined above) from competing for berths under those other sanctioning bodies where those loopholes don't exist (i.e., where age-eligibility is restricted to the standard definition), teams competing for berths under the sanctioning bodies that follow the more restrictive age-eligibility standard are not disadvantaged in those competitions.

    Also, while teams that are required to follow the standard (more restrictive) age-eligibility rule are theoretically disadvantaged in head-to-head play with teams using players who are age-eligible because of the less restrictive age rules, this does not bias the standings in their competitions because the effect will be the same for all teams included in the same standings.

  • Sanctioned ENYTB Teams - Also Can Take Advantage of ENYTB's Age Eligibility Loophole For Regular Season Play But That Will Limit Them To Sanctioned Tournament Berth Awards From The June Madness Tournament Alone

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