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  • What are the benefits of being in a League that affiliates with multiple sanctioning bodies?

    What are the benefits of being in a League
    that affiliates with multiple sanctioning bodies?

    The primary benefit of League affiliation with any sanctioning body e.g., AABC, NABF, PONY, Little League, Cal Ripken, Babe Ruth, etc. is to gain access to their National Championship Tournament Series (NCTS) following regular season play. For many teams, participation in such tournaments is a major goal and highlight of their season. Thus, the primary benefit of ENYTB's quadruple sanctioning is to provide ENYTB teams with four times as many opportunities as other leagues to participate in a sanctioned NCTS. In fact, when the dates don't conflict, ENYTB teams are eligible to participate in two or more NCTS in the same year.

    ENYTB has exclusive local sanctioning rights at all ages under both NABF and PONY. ENYTB also currently affiliates with AABC at all ages. ENYTB has local AABC sanctioning rights at all ages but AABC condones the practice of double franchising its leagues i.e., giving AABC sanctioning rights to more than one league in the same geographic area. ENYTB shares its AABC sanctioning rights with other local travel leagues operated and controlled by the corporate interests of Babe Ruth, Inc.

    Each NCTS consists of multiple levels. NABF has two levels in its NCTS: Regional and World Series. ENYTB has hosted approximately 20 NABF Regional tournaments and/or World Series Qualifiers from over the last five years. More than 100 ENYTB teams have benefited by participating in locally held NABF Tournaments.

    Winners of NABF Regional Tournaments advance to the NABF World Series. NABF also gives each Regional Champion $2,000 to help defray some of the cost of advancing to the World Series. Thus, ENYTB's affiliation with NABF provides member teams with a very unique opportunity - a great local Regional combined with an affordable and realistic chance for a once in a lifetime World Series experience.

    The PONY NCTS has five levels. ENYTB hosts a PONY Section tournament (Level 2) each year at each age level. The winners of these local tournaments advance to the PONY Regional. The PONY Regional Champions advance to the PONY Zone tournament. PONY helps all its Regional Tournament winners cover their expenses for participating at the Zone level and higher. This includes travel and lodging money as well as a daily food stipend. PONY provides its Zone Champions with airfare to its World Series site plus lodging and a food stipend.

    The AABC NCTS has two levels or three, depending on whether the age is odd or even. All AABC NCTS begin at the Association level, often referred to as the State level. Association Champions at the odd year age divisions advance directly to a World Series whereas Champions at the even year age divisions advance to a Regional tournament and then a World Series. World Series teams at the odd year age levels are not given any financial assistance by AABC. At the even year age levels, AABC provides all World Series teams with an unspecified financial assistance package.

    Entry level AABC tournaments are hosted locally at all age divisions. In addition, ENYTB hosts the PONY Section tournament at each age level. ENYTB also hosts various NABF Regional and Qualifier tournaments each year.

    Besides increasing the chances of qualifying for sanctioned championship play, triple sanctioning has an added benefit - it provides flexibility in case of conflicts e.g., teams with a special pre-planned event, such as a special for-pay open tournament they may have committed to, or a pre-paid reserved date on Doubleday Field, or some other special event that is circled on the calendar as a can't miss event. With three sanctioned NCTS opportunities, it less likely that all three would conflict with your team's special event. In leagues with a single affiliation, such conflicts could knock your team out of any chance of participating in a sanctioned NCTS that year. Each year can be a once in a lifetime opportunity so why throw it away when multiple affiliation allows you to tailor your post-season opportunities to your team's plans.

  • What is the ala carte cost of registering for sanctioned tournament eligibility?
  • How does a team qualify for a playoff berth in a particular sanctioning e.g., AABC, NABF, ECTB or PONY?
  • Can Teams Win Berths To More Than One Sanctioned NCTS?
  • When a team qualifies for NCTS berths under two or more sanctionings - how is the selection order determined?
  • What Is The distribution Of Team Registrations By Sanctioning Type?
  • What Sanctioned NCTS Is Best?

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