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Standings Questions

  • What are STANDINGS used for?
  • New STANDINGS Methodology - Adopted Beginning 2009 Season & Refined For 2010
  • What is SoS and How Is It Calculated?
  • How are STANDINGS computed?
  • If I Use "ADD GAME" To Add A Game To My Online Schedule Does It Count In The STANDINGS?
  • How are ties factored into a team's win/loss percentage?
  • Which games count in the STANDINGS i.e., for tournament qualification?
  • Is there a limit to how many games count between the same two teams?
  • Automatically tracks TQG When Non-Flex STANDINGS Used

    This FAQ applies to ENYTB's original "Non-FLEX" approach to computing Standings. This was replaced in 2009 by an approach dubbed "FLEX"(described HERE. The information below is retained for reference purposes in case we ever decide to use the Non-FLEX approach again.
    ENYTB Original Non-FLEX Approach

    The best online schedule management tool in League Management Software just got a whole lot better.

    (Q) "Is there an easy way to know which of my scheduled games are TQG games?

    Note: TQG refers to the fact that the game counts in at least one standings used to qualify teams for sanctioned tournament berths. All divisional teams have a common schedule for games that count in the divisional standings. The total number of TQG determines the maximum points a team can achieve in that division. Thus, when a TQG is not played, the teams loses standings points i.e., teams receive 1 point for a loss and two for a win.

    Definition: TQG are games that count in any of a team's various divisional standings that are used to award sanctioned tournament berths. For those interested, there is a FAQ explaining how to figure out whether a game is a TQG.

    (A)'s upgraded schedule function now does the counting for you.

    All your TQG are now marked by a yellow outline.

    Note: When a game is postponed, it can affect which games are counted as TQG. TQG are counted in the order they are played, not scheduled. Thus, it is very important that postponed games are postponed and rescheduled on the website before scoring them. For example, you may have a max MRP = 2 with a team but are scheduled to play them 3 times (the last time on June 30). The middle game (June 9) is postponed and rescheduled to July 9. Prior to the reschedule, the 3rd game was on June 30 and did not count. Subsequent to the reschedule, the June 30 game is the 2nd game played and is thus the 2nd TQG. The schedule page automatically adjusts its TQG accounting to reflect all reschedules. now offers teams a concise table indicating each game's TQG status by division!!!

    For example, a game can be a TQG in more than one division or a TQG in one division but not another, even though both teams are in both divisions. This, of course, would be the result of differing divisional MPRs.

    The TQG table is available for any game by clicking on the TQG link located on each game on your schedule page.

    Several other new functions were added to the schedule page in 2006, including:

    (i) Change Field - it is no longer necessary to postpone/reschedule in order to change field - now you can change the field only and an email notice is sent to all affected parties;

    (ii) Unscore - if a played game is scored wrong or if a score is entered instead of a forfeit, this function allows you to correct the score or change from a score to a forfeit win for either contestant.

    (iii) the game audit function - available to ADMIN only, has been upgraded as well. We can track every change that is made to every game, in the event of member disputes.

    (iv) any game that was added by the team as opposed to the League, is now explicitly labeled as such.

  • ENYTB STANDINGS Tie-Breaker Rules
  • How Do Berths Get Awarded?

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