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  • What is it?
  • What is the difference between a club and a team?

    What is the difference between a club and a team?

    A club is the owner of record of one or more teams. Every team must have an owner of record. In the event of a dispute of ownership, the league records re: owner of record shall be official and final.

    ENYTB recognizes the club as the member, not individual teams. This means all rights and responsibilities reside with the club, not the teams.

    The owner of record may be incorporated but it does not have to be.

    NOTE: When a club consists of only one team, the team manager usually serves as the club owner.

    As the parent organization of the team, the club controls all aspects of league participation for each of its teams. It also is responsible in all regards for each of its teams. An entire club can be penalized for the actions of one rogue team e.g., tampering penalties, fines, etc. For these reasons, clubs should not take teams under their wings that they do not wish to be fully responsible for.

    Clubs are entitled to activate and register as many teams as they wish.

    All ENYTB clubs enjoy the benefits of limited roster protection vis a vis other league members. Beginning 2013, limited roster protection means all teams have limits in the number players they can add in one season from the rosters of all other ENYTB teams (the latter are known as restricted free agents or RFA). Teams are given so many RFA credits at the start of each year. They may get additional RFA credits during the season if they incur RFA losses. They may also apply to the league for bonus credits if their situation warrants it. The league does not issue bonus credits merely to enable teams to acquire acquire more skilled players for competitive purposes. Bonus credits are reserved for teams with viability issues through no direct fault of their own.

    Once a club is established as an ENYTB member, it must designate a club representative or GM who serves as a liaison with the league and has many other important duties with respect to the teams owned by that club. The club rep can be the club owner or somebody else.

    NOTE: When a club consists of only one team, the team manager usually serves as the club owner and club representative.

    The responsibilities of the club include:
    • Club GMs must contact the league office each year to "activate" their club and their teams;
    • GMs of returning clubs must activate his club and team(s) no later than January 31 of the calendar year for the upcoming season to preserve its roster protection rights;
    • the club GM also must bring its club account up to date, including all fines and club security deposit ($225 per club). If for one year, a club fails to register any teams in the league and fails to request a refund of its security deposit, the latter shall be forfeited. Otherwise it is held as a deposit against any fines incurred by any of that club's teams during the season. Any balance is refunded to the club or carried forward as a credit for the next season, at the discretion of the club;
    • The club GM is the only person authorized to "CUT" players from any of their team's ENYTB rosters. NOTE OF EMPHASIS: Team managers are NOT authorized to do so;
    • The club GM must do his due diligence as to understanding what he needs to know to function effectively in the league. Along with the League Navigator assigned to his club, the club GM shall also serve as a mentor to each of his teams in the same regard. It is strongly recommended that first year members (club GMs and team primary contacts) attend all league meetings. There are usually only three such meetings per year. The first is held on the weekend before the Super Bowl. All meetings are concluded by early March at the latest.

  • Who activates a club and its teams?
  • When does club/team activation begin/end?
  • Is there a connection between club/team activation and player protection?
  • ***What Do I Need To Do To Activate My Club/Teams?

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