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Paid Advertising -

  • Available To Businesses/Non-Profits - Full Page Ads On ENYTB Home Page (Pop-Up/Collapsible)
  • Tournaments - Members/Non-members - Advertising Package W or W/o Full Tournament Management/Display Service

    Tournaments - Members/Non-members

    ENYTB offers its members the capability to post ads for their own tournaments on for free. ENYTB also offers both members and non-members alike, a for fee advertising service.

    The fee based tournament advertising service includes the following:

    (A) Pop-Up Expando ad on home page;

    (B) Text Ad on ENYTB News Board; and,

    (C) Up to two email blasts to ENYTB coaches database (includes more than 5,000 current and former ENYTB coaches);

    The fee for this service package is $300 per tournament.

    For an additional $200, ENYTB also will manage your tournament online via its Real-Time Tournament Manager (RTTM).

    RTTM enables ENYTB to manage and display ALL tournament content online in real-time, including: online registration, registration management; and, your own tournament home page with direct links to all tournament related information, including:

    1. PRE-TOURNAMENT INFORMATION DIRECTORY - All pre-tournament info including your tournament flyer, rules, etc. can be easily uploaded to your tournament home page;
    2. HOTEL DIRECTORY - Local hotels can be linked to your tournament and those offering special tournament deals can be highlighted;
    3. TOURNAMENT DIRECTORY - RTTM creates a tournament directory so that everyone has access to the contact info for everyone involved with the tournament;
    4. FLEXIBLE BRACKETS - RTTM's special Bracket-Maker Tool can be used to accurately represent any tournament format you choose;
    5. FLEXIBLE SEEDING - Teams can be randomly seeded via TM's random seeding methodology or, if preferred, you can seed your tournament manually any way you wish;
    6. TOURNAMENT SCHEDULING w Field/Time Conflict Checks - Tournament format/schedule is defined by round and date. Games are defined by round. Tournament Director manually assigns times and fields to each game from a pre-defined tournament field directory (automatic conflict-checker);
    7. FINAL TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE - this output provides a chronological listing of all scheduled games by field and for the entire tournament;
    8. RESULTS - All scores/results can be entered/reported in real-time (teams can look at night to see where they are playing the next day);
    9. GAME MANAGEMENT - In the event of forfeits, drop-outs, rain or other delays, the brackets can be easily and immediately updated so that teams can keep track of where/when/who they play next;

    RTTM is the same capability used by ENYTB to manage all sanctioned and other tournaments that it hosts!

    FEE - Hosting your tournament on is a premium service that is not included in the price of membership. The fee for this premium service is $500 if taken in conjunction with ENYTB's advertising service package and $300 if stand alone.

    If you are interested in this unique advertising/tournament management service, please contact Ed Frye at 518-356-9089 for more information.

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